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Focusing on specific input range of transimpedance amplifier

I am trying to make a spectrometer to measure TSS (total suspended solids) in water to that end I'm using a photodiode going into a standard transimpedance amplifier which works as expected if i block ...
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What are the units of the channels of the SparkFun NIR Spectral Sensor?

The product is and the datasheet can be found at I'm not entirely sure about the difference between the &...
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voltage-controlled current source for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Problem I want to do DIY electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for frequencies up to 10 kHz. I have a little water electrolysis cell with impedance as low as 0.1 Ω and I am feeding several amps of ...
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Different Vertical and Horizontal full well capacities for CCD image sensors

I want to use a line sensor for a medical imaging application. I understand that the full well capacity of the pixel is the maximum number of photo-electrons it can store before it gets saturated. I ...
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How to resample spectral data into intensities of spectral bands for SparkFun spectral sensor?

My end goal is to create a machine learning model that can classify spectroscopic data from the SparkFun spectral sensor ( Unfortunately, it's infeasible for ...
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On the understanding of signals from an IR detector coupled to a lock in amplifier

I have a CW laser which is modulated by an optical chopper rotating at 1kHz. The modulated CW beam struck a sample holder and the absorption signal is recorder via an Infrared Associates MCT detector. ...
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Interfacing an old spectrometer with PySerial

I asked this question on the Engineering StackExchange and someone said it might be more appropriate here. I want to interface an old Shimadzu spectrophotometer (Model UV-1601, manual here) through ...
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Is there a strategy for reconstructing a circuit given the frequency response?

So I recently worked with a problem where I was given a bode plot where magnitude of the transfer function (the ratio between the output and input voltage) was plotted against frequency of the system. ...
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Level translator as digital buffer

In the datasheet of the C12880MA (Mini-spectrometer) they recommend using a digital buffer on pins to and from the module (CLK, ST, EOS, TRG): I'm not sure why. In my case, I need level translation ...
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How to measure radio wave penetration and reflection through different mediums

I would like to do a few experiments to test how different EM radiation frequencies (915 MHz to 5 GHz) interact with 3D print filament materials (like PLA, PolyCarbonate, TPU, etc...). Specifically I ...
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Optical filters: What is the difference between Free Spectral Range (FSR) and the resolution based on (FWHM)

I have a question regarding the Free Spectral Range (FSR) and resolution based on (FWHM) of optical filters like based on Fabry-Perot-Interferometers. As of now, I always thought of the resolution as ...
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