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What is the Cross-relation Error Method for Channel Estimation of a SIMO System?

I am new to speech and audio processing and have been doing blind system identification, i.e., estimating channel parameters through channel equalisation of a SIMO audio system in the presence of ...
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How to measure channel capacity performance for enhanced speech samples in GSM speech coders?

I've been conducting some research lately on Speech Enhancement of the ITU-T Recommended G.729 Voice Activity Detection (VAD) algorithm for GSM Speech coders. It has been suggested in the literature ...
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Signal to Noise Ratio Vs Signal to Distortion Ratio

I am a bit new to this field and I was reviewing some speech enhancement papers. These two terms keep popping up every once in a while so I was very confused as to what the difference between these ...
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What is an "all pole source"?

For background I am not an engineer, and reading about linear predictive coding, so this question may be very trivial. I am trying to understand what a textbook means by referring to something as an "...
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Pic microcontroller voice recording and playback [closed]

I was wondering we can easily interface LCD, led an pot etc but I couldn't find way how to record my different voice strings and playback specific string as per commands that given to pic
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Why to multiply all audio input with 1000/sqrt(sumsofInputSquare/datalength) [closed]

My thesis is about voice segeration. I am reading a code which has been used in this field. It most probably not needed but here is the fullCode I can't understand something which owner code did , <...
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Is simple voice synthesis (just digits 0-9) possible with Cortex-M0+ with 4kB flash?

I'm working on a little side project with the LPC810 (Cortex M0+ 32 bit ARM MCU, 8 pin DIP package, 4kB flash, 1kB SRAM). I need a UI to convey to the user a temperature setting. I only have about 2 ...
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Why is speech malformed when listening to a USB signal with an LSB receiver?

When you listen to an LSB (Lower Side Band) signal with your radio set to USB (Upper Side Band) or vice versa, the speech you hear is malformed. What causes this behaviour?
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What are the origins of the window functions in DSP? Why not just use a rectangular window?

As far as I know, in DSP we wish to remove or reduce the effect of some undesired signals by separating its frequency spectrum from the spectrum of the whole signal (our main signal and the noise). ...
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speech to text converter - arduino [closed]

I am working on a project in my college. What I need to is create navigation system. I am using google maps for navigation. But for input I want something that can convert English speech to english ...
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EEG sensing of imagined speech [closed]

I am doing a project on developing a silent speech interface using eeg sensors. The equipment available is ADI powerlab kit which allows the use of three to four elctrodes maximum. My question is can ...
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Good way to pick up voices in a small room for speech recognition

I've written an app that's pseudo-intelligent and responds to voice commands. I'd like it to be able to pick up my speech from anywhere (initially just one room, but possibly many later on). At ...
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DSP - Voice Activity Detection: what are my options?

In a performance sensitive environment, I have an audio stream. I need to classify each frame as speech/non speech. For this purpose, only "clean" voice should be classified speech. Voice with ...
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Generating speech using ICs

I have seen many a toys using just discrete components and IC's to produce songs (with words and everything!). I want to gift someone a piece of electronic art in which I want to use such a circuit. ...
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Arduino Text to Speech

has anyone used the arduino to convert text to speech?
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