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How to calculate each load current in a 3-wires split-phase system

In a 3-wires split-phase system, if I take current readings from two hot wires L1(IL1), L2(IL2) and Neutral (IN). Is it possible find out the amount of current flow to each of loads, as shown in ...
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Hooking up a NEMA 14-30 male to NEMA 5-15 female

From the hardware store I bought a NEMA 14-30 power cord, to which connected a NEMA 5-15 receptacle so I can plug in a 240V appliance.
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Is this possible? 1phase splitphase auto transformer connected to A 3phase grid

Dear reader, I have a question about a single-phase auto transformer which is connected to a three-phase electricity grid. The windings of the auto transformer are on a common iron package. The ...
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interleaved vs multiphase buck

I understand the benefit for a interleaved buck as you can reduce the output ripple and components size, as shown by the TI reference design below: However when looking at the LT two phase controller ...
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What happens when a grid tie inverter is out of sync?

Background: I have a growatt sph6000 tl bl-us which is a split-phase hybrid solar inverter. I purchased this with the assumption that my grid was split-phase, with the two lines offset by 180 degrees. ...
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Solid-state analog phase shifter

I have a single A/C source that I would like to phase shift into three different phases, offset by 120 degrees, essentially resulting in something like below: I've seen folks out in the real world ...
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How can I properly convert two phase AC supply to three phase using capacitors?

I have an AC 3 phase delta connected submersible induction motor with specifications 440 V, 10.5 A, 5 HP, 2800 RPM which is already fitted with a 3 phase PF correcting capacitor in parallel. The ...
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Can I use a shielded multiple conductor cable to carry current (0-100mA) from multiple current transformer clamps (CT) that sense AC current?

I need to run cables for 12 CTs (Split Core Current Transformers) that will be sensing current on multiple branches inside my outdoor electrical panel. In case it matters, it is a 240V split-phase ...
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Why does this split-phase generator allow more current for line-to-neutral voltage than for line-to-line voltage?

I understand thoroughly the power equations for balanced sinusoidal three-phase circuits. I haven't studied split-phase systems that much, but I think I understand how the power equations would be. I ...
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Is 3-phase power in any way better than split-phase power in a residential setting?

My understanding is that in the US (and Canada?) residential units receive split-phase 120V/240V power meaning the voltage between two phases is 2x the line-to-neutral voltage. Here in Europe ...
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Why is North American residential power called single phase?

I am under the belief that North American residential power is a special case of two phase power adequately described by the term split phase. Clearly I am in the minority and want to be convinced ...
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Is the SWER (single-wire earth-return) system dangerous? If not, why not?

When a live/hot wire touches the Earth ground, it creates step voltage and so it's dangerous to walk on ground during this fault. But in a single-wire earth-return system, we use earth/soil as ...
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Why is neutral to ground not 120V?

I'm so stuck. If we look at a center tapped transformer for US service, L1 to L2 is 240V. L1 to N is 120V because effectively you're only using half the length of the coil. Makes sense. But why is ...
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Power Question and Conversion

I have two power questions that would be greatly helpful. Just wanted to double check and confirm that I'm not assuming on nomenclature, but what is meant by 120/208V. My device is a UPS and is split ...
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What is the most accurate method to calculate wire cross section according to voltage drop on AC distribution systems?

If we go for the intuitive way you should first calculate resistance of conductors based on temperature and construction properties but I don't get how to integrate that with the format of current or ...
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United Kingdom Split Phase Transformer / Centre Tapped Earthed (CTE) / 55V - 0V - 55V - How do you wire the connector?

I'm working on a weird project which involves making a custom cable for a British CTE Transformer. For those not in the know, these transformers are typically used at jobsites to provide 110V power. ...
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Determining line-to-line vs line-to-neutral loads in split-phase panel

I have a split-phase sub-panel, with two 120V legs (red/black) and middle neutral (white). Given Hall-effect current sensor clamps around some combination of red/black/white going into the sub-panel, ...
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What should be the phase difference in the two windings of a split-phase induction motor?

I'm having a little basic problem here. I'm trying to reconnect the coils of a 4 pole motor (concentric winding) to make a 2 pole motor. I've managed to make it work in 2 configurations so far (in two ...
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Designing split-phase grid-tie solar system

I'm in the process of designing and building a grid-tied solar power system, and had I'm having trouble finding a solar inverter that isn't MASSIVE (the smallest one I can find that meets my use cases ...
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Calculating the voltage drop in a split-phase system

We are working with an electrician to install permanent wiring to a large trailer unit - it will be a 120/240 V split-phase system (the trailer itself uses a NEMA 14-50 dryer plug) delivering 50 amps ...
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DIY Single phase transformer to split phase

I am not changing voltage, just splitting the phase. Would this work? 240V single phase to 240V split phase 21 windings on the primary 21 Windings on the secondary Center tap the 11th for N Primary ...
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How to convert output from a split phase inverter to single phase with only 1 hot?

Here in USA, we use split phase 240VAC 60Hz. In Philippines, they use single phase 220VAC also 60Hz. How do I make an inverter designed for 240VAC split phase output work properly over there in ...
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AC Voltage: Wild Reading: phase-neutral & neutral-ground (240V/120V)

I'm getting some unexpected readings when testing a circuit for my wall mounted AC&heat. I'm on standard USA 120V/240V split-phase/three-wire AC power; the specific circuit is 240V. here's a ...
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How will the ceiling fan behave if I put unequal turns on different slots of same coil?

Recently I opened a ceiling fan in my home trying to understand its basic operating principle.While i was through it a few questions popped up in my mind, which are as follows:- 1.What will happen if ...
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Replacing a 220V single phase motor with a 220V split phase motor

I am replacing the motor on a whole house fan. The old one was 1/3HP 220V single phase. The new one is 1/3HP 220V split phase. Will the low, high and common connections be the same or is there ...
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Wiring for a westinghouse electrical motor?

I've got an electric split-phase motor (no capacitor) with a centrifugal switch. Specs Westinghouse electric motor manufactured in 76. RPM 1725/1140 1/2 HP 115V 60Hz Thermally protected L Type It ...
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Optimal Breaker Configuration for Split Phase Mains Power

First, let me preface this by saying this is entirely theoretical. I don't plan to install anything myself, and I'll contract a licensed electrician to do any of this work, so please don't feel the ...
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Reducing volume for a split-phase 230VAC@60Hz sealed power supply providing 5VDC@50mA

I'm a hobbyist interested in re-designing and implementing a DC power supply providing a \$+5V_{DC}\pm 200mV\$ output with a current compliance of \$50mA\$ (I could live with \$30mA\$ successfully) ...
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Modelling a "single-phase permanent split-capacitor motor" in LTspice

I'm planning to use an AC fan in an LTspice simulation. The AC fan is made up of a single-phase permanent split-capacitor (PSC) motor. Here is the actual fan:
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Run heater on two powerlines, where the second line is switched according to the main line

I got a water heater which is rated 6kW. The "heating element" consists of 3 heating elements that are connected in series for 1-phase usage. I would like to run two of those heating elements on one ...
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Vpp for American split-phase 110V AC

I know the 'nominal' voltage of 110/115/120 is both based on Vrms and that stability @ any of those levels is pretty much a fairy tail. I also know that most rectifiers will output ~130-150V after re-...
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