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How can I choose the right stabilizer for a 3-phase 415 V supply system?

I have a question about how to select the right capacity of voltage stabilizer for a 3-phase supply system. That system has the following type of load and capacity: Two 1 hp 3-phase motor, 440 VAC (...
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Stabilize 220 voltage when the fluctuation is too much

I live in just outside of a city limit of a third tier city of a third world country. The recommended voltage is 220 V. The problem is the voltage here drops till around 110 V. I had added multiple ...
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Can a voltage stabilizer with an offline UPS give the same performance as an online-UPS? [closed]

I have a 5.5 kVA offline UPS backing up a Bewoulf cluster. It works fine during a complete loss of grid power, but when the grid power flickers the cluster shuts down. Assuming that this is because of ...
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Concerns about the stabilization circuit

What is the role of DZ1, R11, Q7, DZ2 and R14 in this circuit?
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Solar inverter shuts down when refrigerator is connected and utilities shut down

I'm not an electric engineer so apologize if the description is incorrect. So we recently got solar panels set up (1680 W, 280x6) with two 12 V 130 Ah batteries and a 2.5 kW inverter. The system ...
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Stabilize voltage on 12VDC model train loco - both directions

I am looking for a simple solution to stabilize the voltage on a 12VDC model train inside the loco, to overcome areas of bad contact on the track. For energy density I wanted to use electrolytic ...
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Reduce hard voltage drops on mains? [closed]

I'm experiencing some hard voltage drops on my AC power line (measured at 20 points across the house). The culprits are the washing machine and dryer (as well as our upstairs neighbors washer and ...
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Automatic voltage stabilizer with isolation transformer

How does this voltage stabilizer work? I wish to understand the working principle of it and how does it buck and boost the voltage. I'm not much into transformer but I making a control circuit for it. ...
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What if everyone uses voltage stabilizers?

A hypothetical question to improve my understanding of stabilizers and power supply. Consider a rural village where frequent low voltage issue happens. Now, if everyone there uses stabilizers to ...
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High Voltage DC - Shunt Resistor, Voltage Regulator Question

I'm a newbie here but was trying to wire a setup and was running into some issues attempting to calculate my required resistance, and resistor tolerance to current. I have a power supply that brings ...
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How to stabilize a Comparator op amp from static currents?

With huge gaps in my knowledge I will try my best to explain: This circuit uses two inductive loads L1 and L2 (10 Ohm/0.08mH and 11 Ohm/0.02mH) with ground at each end, and with a common signal going ...
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Capacitors for 7808 and 7908 regulators

I was looking at datasheets of the 7808 and 7908 regulators from STMicroelectronic. The mystery for me is why positive voltage regulators have capacitors without polarity (for example ceramic ...
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voltage stabilizer current

I want to make voltage stabilizer using ic lm317, to power off five white LEDs in series. I need to regulate the current through the diodes in the range of 700mA-1500mA. Have anybody idea how to ...
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Some question about a power stabilizer

I need to use this stabilizer for a sensitive electronics equipment. The equipment is at outdoors so this was recommended by some before me to possible suppress spikes urges ect. Aside from an ...
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