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How to calculate distances between stitching vias for RF lines?

I have a query concerning the stitching of vias for RF lines and board fencing. According to the application note, it is recommended that the distance between vias should fall within the range of one-...
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Best practice for via stitching of multiple GND planes with analog and digital on different PCB sides

I'm quite well aware of standard practices of grounding in mixed signal application. I bascially always use just one large common ground and use wise component placement to keep current transients ...
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How to space stitching vias to avoid affecting the power plane?

On a four-layer with the standard sig gnd pwr sig stackup, when flooding top and bottom layers with copper and stitching them to the ground plane, I know the standard rule is lambda/20 spacing for the ...
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Stitching vias in an SMPS design

Hi I'm using a 4 layer stackup for my SMPS design (~100 W) arranged as follows: Signal GND GND Power I read that the inductance of stitching vias could potentially harm the switching nodes so it ...
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