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Touch GFX and scroll [closed]

Greetings friends In the Touch GFX framework, what command enables a scroll list to scroll vertically (up and down)?
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Why does the STM32F030 hang when the solenoid Lock is activated?

The circuit consists of a STM32F030 and several 5 V relays, which are connected to the coil to open the door. The input voltage is from 18 V which is fed from a 220 to 18 V transformer (not switching ...
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How to Decode Quaternion Data from LSM6DSV16X IMU Sensor FIFO?

I'm working with the LSM6DSV16X IMU sensor, which comes with a Sensor Fusion Low-Power (SFLP) algorithm providing a 6-axis game rotation vector (quaternion) stored directly in the FIFO. The datasheet ...
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Can't enable SWV data trace timeline graph in STM IDE

I am using STM32F401RE Nucleo board with STM IDE. I am starting the SWV data trace graph window but the start trace option is not being enabled(I cant click on it). I have attached pictures of ...
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Digits on 14 segment display are mirrored one to another

I have a synth device using 2-digit 14-segment display, a Mutable Yarns Clone. The PCB design is here. It uses an STM32F103CBT6. I flashed it via JTAG without any issues. the display is driven by a ...
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Can you identify these ST brand SMD components?

Can you identify these ST brand SMD components? They're from a angle decoder circuit with LEDs and relays.
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Identify chip from picture from STM

I have tried to google the different type of code and I cant really confirm that what I suspect I found is actually the right thing so I might want to see if something can confirm my finidng. I ...
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Nucleo-32 L432KC doesn't work properly when powered by the 5v pin

I uploaded the simplest code to my Nucleo-32 L432KC STM32 board. The LED3 should just blink every 1 second. It works perfectly when the board is connected to the computer by USB, and it also works ...
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Connecting TTL-232R-5V-PCB to STM32F103C8T6A bluepill via OTG and installing boot to this STM32 microcontroller

I have TTL-232R-5V-PCB and STM32F103C8T6A bluepill board. I am working on installing bootloader to this bluepill board on that way, I have searched on the web about it but all people connected them ...
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L6924U output status pins in the datasheet description are open-collector, but schematic shows a MOSFET

The battery charger L6924U has two status pins, ST1 and ST2, to tell what is happening inside the charger: charge in progress, charging done, stand-by mode, etc. In the datasheet STM always writes ...
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