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What is the effect on lithium ion batteries from long term storage in sub-freezing temperatures?

I am designing an off-grid power system for a mountain cabin that is not used in the winter. The ambient temperature can get as low as -20deg F (-29deg C) during the winter. Due to snow and other ...
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What's the best way to store and categorise resistors/capacitors/ICs/etc?

I did a big cleanup of my collection of parts today and I now have a big pile of parts on my desk (the majority of which is resistors). My previous method of finding the resistor value I wanted was to ...
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Organizing electronic parts? [closed]

I've got one of these cabinets, which I intend to use for storing electronic components: It has 24 drawers (each 175 x 69 x 37mm). Every drawer can be subdivided into up to six compartments by ...
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What's the highest theoretical energy density for a chemical battery?

This is more a physics/chemistry/nanotech question, but what's the theoretical best energy density you could get out of a chemical battery (or fuel cell), if you could arrange atoms in any manner you ...
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Alternative Energy Storage

Can anyone suggest an alternative to energy from a battery? I'd like a system to replace my deep cycle leisure battery, I currently use this 110 AH leisure battery with a 1200W inverter. I run my ...
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What is this plastic chip packing material called?

When I order ICs from larger retailers, they are delivered in a plastic housing that prevents the pins from becoming bent during shipping. With a chip included, they look like this: I would like to ...
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Is there any option to store AC voltage?

Almost every power plants produce Alternating current. It is not necessary that entire energy that they produced are consumed in real time. Does they have any option to store excess energy?
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How can anyone use a microcontroller which has only 384 bytes of program memory?

For instance a PIC10F200T Virtually any code you write will be larger than that, unless it is a single purpose chip. Is there any way to load more program memory from external storage or something? I'...
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Basic ESD common sense for breadboarding and 300+ component storage?

I've purchased a large batch of items, varying from capacitors to potentiometers to ICs and would not like to ruin the investment in a careless mistake. I have a metal filing cabinet from IKEA that ...
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Grid is capacitive in the evening

what does this term mean? "the grid in the evening is capacitive"? I work at a company and we are working on integrating a battery storage system on a utility scale for peak shaving of solar. When we ...
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NAND flash retention using USB charger?

NAND-based digital flash data storage devices such as SD,SSD,USBstick,eMMC,UFS,etc. do have transistors, where the small amount of electrical charge does slowly leak over time, resulting into data ...
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Capacitor Storage Temperature vs Rated temperature

I have a device that contains this capacitor: The rated temperature range was listed as -55°C to 125°C. However, in ...
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