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Choice of antenna connector type for handheld radio transceiver

I am wondering about "the best" antenna connector type for a handheld radio transceiver, sub-GHz, 10 W, two independent RF chains (thus, the handheld has 2 antenna connectors), and I've ...
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Saw filter impedance matching procedure

I need to verify (and possibly re-match) the impedance of the saw filter (in photo) to 50ohm. I have not ever matched a filter before (but have matched antennas) and am looking for advice on what ...
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Can I amp a radio transmitter to increase its range?

I want to buy a sub-gigahertz radio module which has a TX power of 16 dBm. With the inverse square law, I can see that it has a power of -90 dBm at 50 km. I don't know if this is the correct way to ...
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Ground plane placement in relation with LORA spring antenna

I am making a simple lora transciever and absolutely want to fit it on a single side dual layer 0.8mm thick pcb. Which makes impedance matching a bit tricky with 53mil traces... Here the form factor ...
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