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TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple Access, which is used in some wireless cellular systems.

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Why is time division multiplexing (TDM) used in the physical layer?

We know that in the physical layer, we don't use any multiplexing, and Ethernet is a baseband channel which carries a digital signal, but I read in the Wikipedia article that TDM is used multiplexing ...
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TDMA in telephone circuit switching - isn't there delay in transmitting a particular user's speech? [closed]

Let's do a simple case on the left with X and A user telephones. So the way an analog signal (user's speech X) is handled, is that it is sampled at 8000 bits / sec. The high-speed C-channel has 128 ...
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dsPIC33EP512GP502 -> ADPCM?

It seems that ADPCM is all but non-existant anymore. But I'd like to use this to compress six high-quality audio channels into a smaller bit-stream with little overhead. There seems to be a dsPIC G....
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How do I implement TDMA with basic 433 MHz transmitter receiver pairs?

Is it possible to use TDMA or some kind of time synchronization / pseudo random coding for a number of transmitters so that they can be interfaced with a single master receiver without jamming?
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How is TDMA implemented to create time slots? [closed]

How is TDMA implemented to create time slots and radiate modulated audio signals?
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