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Switching power supply output voltage modification gone wrong [closed]

A couple years ago, I modified the voltage output of a DC power supply from 12 V to 6 V. I remember using this online calculator to get the proper output voltage (see picture): Image source: Circuit ...
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Electronics take-apart student activity

We're planning a (6th-8th grade) student take-apart day, with small non-functioning items like hair dryers, clock radios, coffee makers, etc. (no microwaves, TVs, monitors.) Even though items have not ...
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Is lead color a safety issue?

BNC to alligator clip connectors were made for a function generator in our lab. Whoever made them decided that the ground connector wire should be red and the signal connector wire should be white. ...
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Is there a commonly used name for a "local ground" or "local common"?

Suppose we have a circuit that measures some external voltage like so: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab We will assume that the circuit is powered by batteries, and ...
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Is is possible to create modular logic gates from transistors for teaching purposes?

I'd like to work through some basic logic circuits with some youngsters and wanted to build them up from scratch (transistors), not logic gates if possible. We've done the basics: buffer, NOT, AND, OR,...
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Analysis of unbalanced bridge circuit

Introduction I am learning the method of Fast Analytical Circuit Techniques (FACTs), based on the Extra Element Theorem of the late Prof. Middlebrook. In the future, I intend to teach an ...
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A basic description of capacitors - but is it wrong?

I volunteer at a club to teach teens Arduino and basic electronics: LEDs, resistors, voltage, current, etc. I also describe what they do: Batteries, chargers and other power supplies: These ...
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How do we explain the voltage doubler operation by analogy?

The idea behind the Greinacher voltage doubler is so clear and intuitive that it can be explained, like any brilliant circuit idea, in a very simple way. I did it yesterday in a similar question where ...
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