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An American company that is best known for manufacturing test and measurement equipment, such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, logical analyzers, etc. Use for questions about Tektronix equipment, along with the appropriate tag(s) for the type of equipment (e.g. the "oscilloscope" tag for a question about a Tektronix oscilloscope).

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How to make an 802.11b/g conducted power measurement, getting different results

I am an engineering co-op tasked with measuring the output power of an avionics WiFi unit. I want to measure the maximum conducted power at the coax port to then calculate max EIRP. The challenge is ...
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Tektronix 453 - Time/Div dial has no effect

I recently picked up a Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope and it works pretty much flawlessly, but turning the time/div dial (the clear plastic flange) does nothing to the display. I tried hooking up CH 1 and ...
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Tektronix DPO 3052 encoder repair

Two encoders are showing similar behavior as shown here. But I do not have spare encoders. I have fond this on the ebay. The part number is 260-2791-00. Edit: no, it is part number with detents, the ...
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Measuring a 10s waveform with a oscilloscope

I have a MDO3034 oscilloscope which I need to use to measure a waveform for ten seconds. This waveform is a PWM whose duty cycle varies every 0.2ms or so, and restarts itself every ten seconds. I need ...
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Tektronix P6015 Replacement Potentiometer Considerations

I’ve acquired (saved from the landfill) an old Tektronix high voltage probe, model P6015. The probe body and cable are in decent condition, but I discovered two damaged potentiometers in the ...
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Tektronics 453 - Saving a single shot waveform for later analysis

I recently purchased a used analog Tektronix 453 and I want to capture some single shot transients. I also want to "save" the waveform so I can more easily measure things like peak to peak ...
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Free/Open Source alternative to TekScope Anywhere?

I'm trying to analyze a signal I got out of a scope on my PC and a program like TekScope Anywhere looks like it will do what I'm after. How can I get plots and data of the scope?
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Replacement 100 ohm resistor for differential scope probe? [closed]

I'm trying to use a P7504 ($$$) "TriMode" scope probe, and unfortunately the resistors eventually break. Does anyone have recommendations for a 100ohm resistor that would replace the ones on the probe?...
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