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Why do I measure different resistances in the same wire at different current levels?

I've been doing some testing recently on the resistances of various pieces of aluminum for some applications. I've been measuring the resistances of these pieces by passing a constant current through ...
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How "Zero" is this supposedly Zero-TCR resistor? And how much better is it than this other one?

I found a resistor at Digikey, and the TCR was quoted as being 0.0ppm/°C, and I had to check the datasheet just to refute my suspicion that it was a data entry error, and it looks real, but just how ...
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How is the total gate charge of a MOSFET affected by the temperature?

For P- and N-MOSFETs, Vgsth will decrease (in absolute value) when the temperature rises. What is the impact of the temperature on the total gate charge for P- and N-MOSFETs? What is the order of ...
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Single Letter Temperature Coefficient for Capacitors?

A certain parts supplier offers ceramic capacitors with temperature coefficients (tempcos) of single letters -- A, E, and so on -...
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What is the mathematical relationship between motor velocity constant, Kv and temperature?

From textbook, it is stated that Kv = rpm/V. But how does Kv change with temperature mathematically?
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Current source temperature stability

I want to implement an interesting current source topology that I came across recently (picture below). It shows very good performance in simulation and the only thing I am concerned of is its ...
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Using BS270 MOSFET as Temperature Sensor

I have previously asked a question about using thermocouples to maintain a temperature range of 36-39° inside an insulated and dry environment. The more enlightened engineers advised I look into using ...
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3 answers

Ultra simple oven controlled resistor for analog temperature control

Background: We're having a problem with a sensitive analog circuit. It has an analog supply voltage from a LT3045 Linear Regulator, whose output voltage is set by an external resistor. We're using ...
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How to understand B values of thermistors for different temperature levels?

E.g. the datasheet of NCU18XH103F6SRB mentions different B values for pairs of temperatures (reference temperature to a higher one). For reference, here the values of this chip: [T]=degC [R]=kOhm [B]=...
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Why is resistor temperature coefficient given in a +/- number?

For a given resistor you might see a TCR of +/-25ppm/C, but I'm not sure I quite understand that number. As far as I know, a PTC resistor like a basic thick film always increases in resistance as ...
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Which temperature sensitive material would be a good choice for temperature measurement from 4K to 300K?

I am building a thermometer for a cryostat which operates at low temperatures (until 4 kelvin). I would like to know the temperature of some parts in my cryostat during the cooling (so from 300 K to 4 ...
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Is the LM399 Temperature coefficient with the heater on or off?

The LM399 datasheet specifies a temperature coefficient "\$\Delta\$T/\$\Delta\$Temp". The conditions state an ambient range but don't specify if that's with or without the heater on. Which ...
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DC current rating of copper wire (SWG)

I want to use SWG-sized copper wire but I am a little bit confused about the following: On the internet I found different charts with different maximum current ratings for the same wire diameter. The ...
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Solar Panel & Temperature coefficient of Voc Seems Exceedingly Low

I am reading over a solar panel data sheet and I'm having issue converting the Temperature coefficient of Voc as written because it seems exceedingly low to me. I fully understand the panel datasheet ...
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Low-frequency high.pass filter drifts with temperature

for a phase sensitive measurement, I would like to have the DC offset of a signal cancelled. The AC-signal will be amplified and then the phase of it is measured in reference to another AC-signal. My ...
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Zener diode as temperature sensor

I am trying to measure the temperature of a battery pack using Zener diodes. I want to use Energus's Tiny BMS 30A. In their battery modules they use Zener diodes to measure the temperature of the pack ...
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Derivation of formula for temperature coefficient of resistance Referring to this article, I'd like to compile two key formulas for the temperature coefficient of resistance. First is the formula ...
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What is the meaning of inferred absolute zero temperature? Why does the resistance temperature graph it is obtained from behave that way?

Studying basic direct current circuits, I've come across the term inferred absolute zero temperature on computation of resistances that change due to temperature. Based on my readings, I understand it ...
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Alternative for PTC Thermistor NXP KTY83/122 SOD68 1.02kohm

I am looking for an alternative part to replace an existing thermistor (type: Thermistor NXP KTY83/122 SOD68 1.02kohm). This part appears to be discontinued so that's why i need an alternative. I will ...
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Temperature drift on volatge divider built with resistors from the same series

I am in the process of designing a data acquisition device that will be used outdoors, with temperature swings of around 30 degrees. For this i need to scale the input to a voltage suitable to the adc ...
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