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Low frequency asymmetrical led blinking circuit, lacking thermal stability

I'm trying to use a NE555D to achieve a 500ms on, 1500ms off, duty cycle. The exact timing is not that important(+-20%). But my problem is that when the temperature changes it greatly effects the ...
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Help in understanding poor temperature stability of an induction proximity sensor circuit

I have been experimenting with a circuit for an induction proximity sensor, that was reverse engineered in the following post: Help with reverse engineering a small PCB I have built the circuit, but ...
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Current source temperature stability

I want to implement an interesting current source topology that I came across recently (picture below). It shows very good performance in simulation and the only thing I am concerned of is its ...
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How to compensate for shunt resistor thermal drift? [closed]

I'm working on a electronic load and below schematic is the simplified version of it. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab The problem is the thermal drift in resistors ...
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Voltage reference drift in ppm/°C to V/°C

How does one convert drift in ppm/°C to V/°C? Assume a 5 V voltage reference has an output voltage drift of 12 ppm/°C. What is the output voltage drift in volts for a target temperature of 85°C?
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IGBT Temperature Drift: How to Achive Stability?

I remember the BJT transistor circuits are designed to compensate for the fact that the parameters of the transistor change with the temperature. I could not find similar ready-to-use solutions for ...
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Max31855k - fluctuation and drift

I'm using a b 31855k breakout board (a chinese one at that) with the olimex A20 and a K-type thermocouple (which works OK on another device with the 31855k). The problem is, that the thermocouple temp ...
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Temperature drift on volatge divider built with resistors from the same series

I am in the process of designing a data acquisition device that will be used outdoors, with temperature swings of around 30 degrees. For this i need to scale the input to a voltage suitable to the adc ...
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