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All related to ternary (or trinary) computers

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1 vote
5 answers

Basic ternary circuit to light three LED’s?

I need to design a circuit that can light three different LED lights to simulate a traffic signal using two inputs. The first input is either -12v, 0v, + 12v. The second input is always on and it’s ...
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1 answer

Need Basic component/circuit that if given the input volatage [-2,-1,0,1,2] will output, [-1,0,0,0,1]

as a hobby I'm working on a ternary computer, using very basic building block. in order to implement an half adder, I need a very basic component/circuit, that take the following input voltage, [-2,-1,...
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1 answer

multilevel storage elements

I've been experimenting with three-valued logic (yeah, I know) and have had quite a bit of success by using voltage comparators to implement the combinatorial logic. All 27 1-input gates and many ...
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4 answers

Suggestions for Ternary Computer Parts

I am thinking of creating a ternary computer from scratch, mostly as a hobby project, are there any parts out there that I could use? Or would I have to create them from scratch? If so, what would be ...
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