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Questions tagged [test-point]

A pad or component on a schematic or printed circuit board that facilitates access to a signal for the purpose of measuring or interacting with it.

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Spice model for a heatsink/mounting hole/test-point/connector pin - devices with one or no connection points - using Altium simulator

I am setting up a simulation model in Altium with SPICE models and have no idea how to provide a model for a single connection device (connector pin, test-point) or a no-connection device like a ...
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Can PCB test points be a source of noise?

If I want to design a PCB with as much noise immunity as possible, should I leave off test points? I'm concerned that TP4 and TP5 may be acting as antennas and picking up noise.
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Best practice for ICT test point locations

While I have found a few resources (here here here) describing the coverage (strive for 100 %!), distribution (avoid clustering, at least 100 mil apart, away from tall components), and size (40 mil if ...
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What probe/tip to use to clip into a PCB test point?

I need to have a digital logic analyser connected to a test point of a PCB board I'm developing for. To be clear, I mean the little ~0.5mm hole kind of test points. What kind of probe would allow me ...
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What is the reason for multiple ground connection and multiple testpoints on this PCB?

Please, have a look at the image: The biggest pad at the top is the negative terminal of a battery holder. Through 0 Ohm resitor above it goes to a capacitor across a DC motor (not shown). Below the ...
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Altium testpoints auto-placement

Is there a way to use Altium to automatically generate test points on an already routed board? When there is no usable via, I'd like to place a pad on the net. When reviewing Altium API reference ...
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Test Point PCB solder

I have to use some Test Points on my PCB (shown in the Figure), do they need to be solder to the pcb? or is just by applying pressure?
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