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Is it possible to make cathode ray or electron gun without a vacuum?

I stumbled upon this picture on the internet here is the link I wasn't able to get info from ...
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Building a space heater

I'm building a space heater, not for continuous use, but just as an experiment. I made a nichrome wire coil that's 3.5 Ω and a fan that blows on it so hot air comes out of the other side of the tube. ...
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Extend classic transistor flip-flop to an n-state flip-flop?

There is the classic flip-flop using two transistors. I now tried to extend it to be able to store more than 2 states, and thought it'd be interesting to be able to extend it to 3 or an arbitrary ...
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Subtleties with LTSpice's Arbitrary Sources

Here's my setup: I'm trying to emulate the circuit to the right with the one on the left. That is, the one on the right is a pre-charged capacitor (node3) being discharged to its capacitor pair via a ...
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How long does it take for energy to propagate in a circuit?

The premise In a recent video by the pop-sci channel Veritasium, the concept of the flow of electricity and energy transmission in a circuit was discussed. In that video a thought experiment is ...
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What happens if you connect a galvanometer to an AC source?

What happens if you connect a galvanometer to an AC source? I have seen many answers online along the lines of there not being any deflections as the net average current/net average magnetic field is ...
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Can a 'superconductor battery' , theoretically at least, last forever? Even if it is being used? [closed]

One of the amazing 'killer apps' of a cheap, non-toxic, high-temperature superconductor is storing electrical energy in a large current that loops around indefinitely. If this could be scaled down, it ...
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Measuring length of two wires inside copper with a TDR

I have a cable as in the drawing. The black parts are insulators and the brown parts are copper, so there is a big copper cable and inside are two smaller copper cables. When the big copper cable is ...
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