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Need help categorizing keywords and concepts for two different scenarios

I am currently working on a project that involves categorizing certain keywords and concepts into two different scenarios. I am having a bit of trouble determining which scenario each keyword belongs ...
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Looking for ideas for an automatic thread feeder

I need to feed a very fine nylon thread in a process by controlling a spool motor. There is not enough pull on the thread from the process to have the thread activate a push-button, even with a 1"...
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Are there non-unscrewable microwave oven bulbs? [closed]

I recently emptied a Samsung microwave oven of its components and came across the lightbulb, which appeared at first glance to be fitted in a diamond shaped holder. Though when I looked through the ...
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Identification of a threaded connector (on a speed sensor)

I'm trying to identify the mating connector for this speed sensor. The sensor in itself is a custom CNC job so no datasheet available... It's got three pins and 5 "grooves". The exterior thread is a ...
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What's the difference between a CPU core and a CPU/GPU thread?

I've heard the term core and thread being used synonymously a lot of times. In Minecraft, if you press F3 to show coordinates, it tells you how many threads you have in your CPU but uses the term "...
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OSError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error or pigpio.error: 'I2C read failed' on MPU6050

So I use MPU6050 to get acceleration from stepper motor linear rail movement(steper motor working in thread, I use pigpio for the motor) by make the MPU6050 can work on threading and it can show data ...
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Mesh Thread network using Sub-1GHz

I want to implement a Mesh Thread network on Sub-1GHz especially on 868MHz using the Semtech's SX1276 as a radio chip. I bough two modules to do some tests. I'm trying to find out how these kind of ...
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FreeRTOS - Potential issues with Periodic Tasks

Suppose Task 1 has the highest priority of all tasks, and is run periodically using vTaskDelayUntil(). Task 2 has a lower priority, but is also required to run periodically in strict time intervals. ...
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Do microcontrollers support threading?

It has been a while since I took "Embedded Systems" course where we studied "Super-Loops", "RTOS", Semaphores, Multitasking (cooperative vs premptive) so sorry for this question. We have an an ...
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Multithreading on AVR

If I have an AVR micro controller and have an ISR coming up about every 100 micro seconds or so, can I change the stack pointer in the ISR and then fake multi threading? Psuedo code: ...
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Electrostatics - Calculating the vector of electric field

Most of the problems I run into while studying electrostatics are ones regarding a charged thread for which I need to calculate the vector of the electric field. The thing that is confusing me is how ...
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Multitasking on PIC microcontrollers

Multitasking is important these days. I wonder how we can achieve it in microcontrollers and embedded programming. I am designing a system which is based on a PIC microcontroller. I have designed its ...
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Can we look at NVIC peripheral on ARM CPUs like some sort of thread? Main application is executing, and at the same time NVIC peripheral doing her own work? Or all of that is single thread application....
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Simple Interrupt Handling program?

I'm new to Embedded programming and I'm trying to understand how Interrupt handlers work in different contexts/scenarios. I just want to know how a interrupt handler would work in the following ...
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Threaded wire connections

I'm working on a senior design project that is using three 20-30 gauge wires that are going into a detachable box. The idea is that the box has three wires coming out of it, and the three wires that ...
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Spawning threads in SystemVerilog with input variables

I run onto a rather confusing situation where I was writing a code for a UVM monitor. This module performs these operations in order: Listen to channel (virtual interface) until intercepting one or ...
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Attiny44A Arduino Multitasking

I am trying to blink a led as well as switch a motor on/off parallely using attiny44A below is my code: Pump Controller: ...
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Understanding timers

I'm studying timers for use in scheduling and embedded systems but I don't understand the detail, does the time count upwards or downwards? Is the timer like a hardware timer like the ones we learnt ...
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Conductive Thread - non toxic?

Is the conductive thread non toxic? Safe to wear up against your skin for extended periods of time?
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Is there a way to print / draw a circuit on to clothing?

I'm looking for an alternative to conductive thread (since I lack some sewing skills). I have seen silver conductive pens but I'm wondering if they could be used for clothing?
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Is there a way to make your own conductive thread for wearable electronics?

I am a poor student, was wondering if anyone has any home-brew recipes for making conductive thread for use in wearable electronics?
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