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Best ways to mask missing toner after toner transfer PCB etching

I want to make a general guide for masking the missing toner on copper clad after toner transfer. The masking methods I know so far: Permanent marker (some say it doesn't work, I am intimidated by it ...
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Beginner struggling with first time PCB etching - advice

First time hobbyist here. Is it a common issue for closely placed track lines to end up touching each other during the toner transfer process (I'm assuming this is the correct term)? If so, are there ...
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PCB Toner Transfer Method - How to remove toner when it fails before etching?

I am trying to do a PCB toner transfer, however sometimes the transfer is imperfect and the really small traces fail so I would like to start over and reuse the board again instead of etching it. I ...
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Which of these diagrams should be in the copper side of pcb?

I'm trying a DIY PCB using toner transfer method then etching but I am confused with the diagram below. I thought the top trace goes to the copper board but there's this bottom trace which shows ...
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Clothes Iron Toner Transfer

I'm looking for advice on my DIY PCBs. For some reason the toner transfer step never goes perfectly. I have attached some images to show you what I mean. Is my iron not hot enough perhaps? Also, are ...
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Is it possible to print on 0.035 mm copper foil with a laser printer?

I have seen 0.035 mm copper foil. Until now I have used toner transfer method to etch my PCBs. If one could print on this foil directly it would be almost to good to be true. Any experience or ...
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Toner Transfer + GBC Creative 9 Laminator: GBC Mod Question

After receiving a ton of feedback from this post, I decided to give the old toner method a try once again. I grabbed a GBC Creative 9 laminator off of Amazon for $23 and am now looking to modify it to ...
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