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ZYNQ FPGA Develope tool chain on mac

I have an Macbook m3, and a third party ZYNQ 7020 board. I understand that Xilinx doesn't support macos platform at this stage. but I wondering if anyone can show me an toolchain to develop PL and PS ...
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Board files for MYiR Z turn lite FPGA dev board

I have searched extensively but wasn't able to find the board files for a chinese dev board MYiR Z Turn lite. The vendor website doesn't seem to have it and I'm not able to wrap my head around the ...
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Are there CPLD / FPGA toolchains and workflows that bypass vendor IDEs? [duplicate]

Custom programming for FPGA boards is a similar and helpful question for any with the same as this, but they are different. In that thread they discuss custom options and building their own. This ...
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Cross GNU ARM Toolchain

As a beginner, I am confused with setting the adequate toolchain (the whole concept in new for me). My goal is to program the ARM Cortex-A9 on the board Zynq 7000 using the Xilinx SDK. In order to ...
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Visual Studio Code for ARM

I use Atmel ARM chips and I'm used to use Atmel Studio 7 for developing. I want to try a more elegant editor for developing and I like the Visual Studio Code (VSCode). It's very nice editor. But I don'...
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