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TOSLINK (from Toshiba Link) is a standardized optical fiber connection system. Also known generically as an "optical audio cable" or just "optical cable", its most common use is in consumer audio equipment (via a "digital optical" socket), where it carries a digital audio stream from components to an AV receiver that can decode audio. Source:

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How long is the S/PDIF preamble?

I have a simple S/PDIF protocol question that I can't find the answer to anywhere. I'm trying to understand the protocol, and everywhere I look says the same thing: The length of a preamble pattern is ...
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Optical TOSLINK for high voltage isolation up to 2kV?

When using optical TOSLINK cable for isolation, would there be a problem in using it for measurements up to 2kV? I don't envisage any problems, since the optical cable is made of non-conducting ...
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Anyone recognize this toslink connector brand?

Anyone repaired the little plastic door of a toslink/adat port? Anyone recognize this toslink connector brand? It has a S logo on top. Before i start to desolder and replace the whole port, i was ...
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Can I connect S/PDIF line from TOSLINK to coax?

Since the original analog audio in my device (MiSTerfpga) is bad, I'm using an external TOSLINK-to-RCA-stereo DAC. Now I'd like to merge this setup into the device. I'd like to know if wiring the S/...
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How can I read audio files from CDs using a transport which is TOSlink only?

I have a CD transport and DAC which both take TOSlink connections. So, I can connect the transport to the DAC and that works fine. However, in some cases I want to rip a CD so I can combine songs from ...
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USB-C to TOSLINK homemade (almost-) passive cord?

I'm trying to connect my phone to my portable DAC which has an optical in. I am looking for a solid 24-bit (up to 32-bit) cable for signal transmission, pre-processing. I've researched TOSLINK TX ...
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Toslink receiver oscillation

I noticed Everlight EAPLRAA4 receivers go into oscillation if there is no incoming light signal. Frequency depends, varies with the part, either 8..9MHz or hops to 32MHz. The supply is as clean as it ...
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TOSLINK UART, limited to 9600 baud. Need ideas for improving speed/stability

I've built a UART transceiver with a FC684205R and FC684205T pair. Both use TTL logic levels and I thought it would be a straight forward case of [optic lit = logic high]. However this wasn't the ...
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How does an optical (toslink) to HDMI cable/converter work?

I'm looking at the small Sonos optical audio (toslink) -> HDMI cable in front of me and I don't know how it works ( It has an optical audio ...
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What is the advantage of optical TOSLINK over RCA coaxial cable?

A popular standard for the transmission of digital audio between audio devices has been the AES3 standard (also known as S/PDIF). The standard sends stereo PCM audio and of often found in consumer ...
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How to convert a CD player's coax diigital output to a Toslink?

My question is essentially the same as this one, except my signal flow is in the opposite direction: Connecting an optical transmitter to a S/PDIF coaxial output I'm not sure of the optical ...
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Connecting Toslink TORX179L optical receiver directly to S/PDIF coaxial input

My goal is to convert optical audio signal - Toslink - to S/PDIF coaxial input signal. The frequency is up to 96 KHz. I'm thinking about Toshiba TORX179L optical receiver. According to the datasheet, ...
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Is this the correct way to use this Audio AD Converter?

I have a PCM1804 -- and I want to use it convert the stereo audio signal from RCA/SCART to a TosLink Optical output - outputting a PCM signal. I have been using ...
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Encoder/decoder for serial connection without separate clock?

I'm putting together a link where the physical layer is SPDIF transmitters and receivers. I control both sides of the link (ie it doesn't have to interoperate with any other equipment). I would like ...
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Low cost UART over fibre

I need to extend an existing 5V UART over fibre for isolation reasons. Digital isolators / optos are no good as I need more isolation than that (0.1pF coupling max. from one side to the other). UART ...
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Slowest transmission speed supported by TOSLINK TX and RX?

I'm writing an Arduino communication library that uses differential Manchester coding (see: I'm wondering how to communicate between two Arduinos ...
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