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Questions tagged [transimpedance-amplifier]

A current to voltage amplifier, usually implemented with operational amplifiers. Use in conjunction with the "operational-amplifier" tag if your question is about a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) implemented using an op amp.

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Ways to get around amplification limited by op amp GBW?

I'm working on a project that requires me to amplify 70 pA to read out at 10 V (the digitizer I'm using to collect data has a range of 0 to 10 V readout). On top of this, I need to sample my voltage ...
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Schematics of photodiode BPW34 interfacing with an ADC ESP32

I am designing a circuit that uses a BPW34 photodiode for visible light communication. The transmission distance is about 5-6 m, and the transmission frequency is only about 1-10 kHz. I have consulted ...
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LTSpice multiple input source noise analysis

In my schematic, I have two input differential current source and I want to simulate the output noise of the system. However, the LTSpice noise simulation only allows me to put one input source in the ...
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Visible light communication using photodiode receiver [closed]

I am designing a receiver circuit using photodiode with visible light communication application, analog signal I read with ADC of esp8266. The circuit below is my design with a TIA and amplifier. Is ...
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Photodiode amplifier with cascaded amplifier

I have designed a photodiode circuit using the OSD35-5T photodiode from Centronic. I am using the LTC 2054HV as a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and the LTC2051HV (dual opamp) as the next stage ...
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Why would a photodiode with an op-amp be very linear?

I read here mentioned The configuration in Figure 1a creates a very linear response in terms of the irradiance of the light source. Would this configuration of photodiode not be linear? Why? The ...
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