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Precision voltage reference (LT1236-5) trimming range

I am trying to use this voltage reference in a circuit. I am trying to understand the trimming part of the chip. On the datasheet, one care read the following: The precise relation between the output ...
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DKA30A DC/DC regulator TRIM

I am trying to use the TRIM pin on the DKA30A-12 DC/DC converter to get the desired voltage. Here is the only datasheet available. What resistor/trimmer value should I choose for the VR? Thanks :)
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Potentiometers - trimming a potentiometer

I'm trying to use two trimpots to set the low and high point of a seperate 16mm pot. I have two trim pots with the outer legs in parallel to each other, and then have the middle pins going to the ...
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Opamp Vos trimming in a single supply circuit

I have a need to trim the Vos of an op-amp (LT1006) running in a single-supply circuit (12.6V). From what I found so far the proper way to do this would be by using some bias voltage connected to both ...
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Selecting potentiometer for adjusting Vo in DC-DC step down

I am trying to figure out the correct value of a potentiomenter for trimming Vo in a step-down DC/DC converter. I am using a 150W 12V output DC/DC from murata. From the datasheet, equations are given ...
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Can OP27 Trim pins float?

I'm putting together a circuit using an OP27. I was not sure if the the TRIM pins of the OpAmps are allowed to float if no triming is required. Would allowing the pins to float adversely affect the ...
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