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How stable is this trimpot?

From this question, I understand that the better solution to drop off the temperature dependence of the gain in variable gain amplifier is to set the potentiometer in a voltage divider configuration. ...
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Repairing a control board for an automatic gate opener, it has a faulty trimpot 100k 906k

FAAC control board 12 V has a faulty trimmer (single turn rotary carbon). I could not find the exact values in a replacement part. Can I use one with the values 705 100k? It is used to adjust the ...
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Is a resistor trimmer a good idea for adjusting the gain of an op amp circuit?

I'm designing this circuit to measure temperature with PT100. R10 must be calibrated to obtain the desired gain. I have thought of using a resistor trimmer to adjust the gain similar to the following:...
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Potentiometer/trimpot range 503 vs 103 with a resistor in series

Small intro: I'm adapting this NE555+CD4017 module to fit into a nice little box and I am switching out the plastic trimpot that came with the package for a metal one that can fit through wood. The ...
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Fan voltage fluctuating with potentiometer [duplicate]

I am driving a two side by side fans (original Xbox 360) from 20v, 4A source via a 12v regulator and a 10k trim potentiometer. The goal is simply to adjust voltage between 3v-12v, nothing I havent ...
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Any possibility of dead short in trim pot

I want to add one trimpot of 1K in my ADC board to test several analog channels. I thought of connecting two ends to VCC and GND and middle pin (wiper) to analog input. But I am not sure if I need to ...
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Trimpot Connection with full rotation

I have a trimpot code(502) that after many searches I cant find the correct way to connect it the way I want and of course if it can be done. As usual all potentiometers and trimpots as searched ...
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Proper or instinctive design choices for trimpot direction [closed]

We all know its customary for a VOLUME control on any audio product should require turning CW to make it louder. In fact for user accessible rotary adjustments, clockwise almost universally means "...
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