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Electric: Why does NCC keep finding 5 parts in the schematic and 6 in the mocmos?

Here's my schematic: And here's my mocmos: The number of wires and ports is the same but for some reason the mocmos has one extra part: enter image description here When I click on the supposed ...
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Theory of operation of BJT transistor [duplicate]

In NPN BJT transistor, I know that the electrons is pulled by the reverse voltage in the np junction at the collector side But why can't the flow of electrons take the route that I have drawed in the ...
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Why is it possible for a IP68 device to be still damaged? [closed]

It was hot enough to just wear shorts so I did. Unfortunately I forgot my phone was in my shorts. I then went swimming. The device is meant to be rated at IP68. It was probably submerged in around a ...
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Any reliable site where *hardware* engineers can be hired for small (work-from-home/telecommute) projects?

For software hackers/developers there are many. However, I need a hardware guy (or girl?) for a relatively small project. Is there a site where I can search for people and see ranks, ...
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How can I find a good (local) electrical engineer

I'm trying to find a local (nyc) electrical engineer, or electrical engineering company to help me make a small device that involves cell phones and bluetooth - at least I think it will involve ...
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