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Questions tagged [usb-2]

Questions relating *specifically* to the USB 2 standard. **Do not use if question is about USB in general.**

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USB 2.0 FS device over USB C with both power directions

I'm designing a battery-powered device with the following requirements: rq1: (a) Charge the device's battery over a USB C receptacle, or (b) provide power over the same receptacle. Both directions ...
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How can one have a canonically correct USB 2.0 Bus Powered Hub (100ma limit per port) with Type-C Downstream Facing Ports

Through research I am aware that using the CC lines one can advertise "Default" (500mA for 2.0 and 900mA For 3.0+), 1.5A and 3A before getting into PD territory, but none of these include ...
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USB D± : Simultaneous BC 1.2 and USB2.0 data transmission Possible?

Background USB pins D± are used for: USB 2.0 data transmission Battery charging (BC 1.2) Question Can D± be used for USB 2.0 data transmission and BC 1.2, or does BC 1.2 preclude the use of USB 2.0 ...
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Is it possible to charge a device at higher power while maintaining USB 2.0 data transfer?

What I've got: A car with a USB port that only supplies 500 mA. An android phone with USB-C that supports QC3.0 and PD2.0 ...So the phone discharges while driving with Android Auto. What I want: I ...
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USB2.0 vs USB 3.0

I have read that USB 3.0 can provide 900mA of current where as USB 2.0 can provide 500mA both at 5V. I understand in USB 2.0 there are 4 connections, Vcc, Data+, Data- and GND. In USB 3.0 there are ...
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USB 2.0 ground connection for communication with STM32

Is there any specification for the allowed impedance to ground for the GND pin of a USB2.0 connection to an STM32 microcontroller? I'm not using VBUS to power my PCB, so it's not really connected. If ...
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Connecting USB-C port with ATmega32u4 - Questions

I'm a beginner when it comes to schematics. I'm attempting to create a USB-C + Atmega32u4 schematic. Later I will add cols and rows for keyswitches (usb keyboard). Below is the schematic I came up ...
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USB-C camera wired for USB 2.0 in circuit layout

I'm a bit confused about the USB 2.0 portion of a USB-C pinout. We have two cameras that operate over USB-C, but they are also compatible with USB 2.0 because we can use them successfully through USB ...
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How do I short D+/D- pads on usb type c connector?

I am working on a design which utilizes a USB type c connector. My question is what is the proper way of connecting the duplicate D+/D- pads? and do you recommend a specific trace width/ via size? You ...
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USB-3 Type A Connector Current Drain

I have a USB 3 Type A (i.e. 9pin connector) connector on my PC and connected to a USB 3 Type A connector on my PCB with a USB 3.0 Cable. This USB3 A Type connector on my PCB is connected to FT232H ...
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USB hub upstream power backfeed

I'm designing a board that implements a USB hub. The upstream port will be connected to an Android tablet (or something like that) and the downstream ports will feed some other devices. The board ...
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