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Questions tagged [user-interface]

The user interface, in the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs

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How to Build Durable, DIY Capacitive Sliders for a Custom Macro Pad?

I'm working on a custom macro pad project and I'm planning to include three 50mm long sliders. I'm leaning towards capacitive sliders due to their suitability for my design, but I'm flexible on the ...
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In Kicad 7, how to start routing a track on click, rather than immediately?

In Kicad 5, when one presses 'X', a track is not immediately created. Rather, one clicks in the workpiece to start the track. I have recently upgraded to Kicad 7. Here, pressing 'X' on the keyboard ...
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Fob Key Pads Indicate Reception of Correct Key But do not Open

What is the cause of the following "error" or dysfunction with fob (electronic keychain remote) secured doors: When swiping the correct key for building doors secured by fobs, sometimes if ...
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Do i need additional IOs for this interface board?

I am designing a UI PCB which has an MCU which will interface with a main system controller (MSC) on a separate PCB. The UI PCB provides an initial power up to the MSC which then boots up its onboard ...
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Why are multimeter batteries awkward to replace? [closed]

I teach introductory physics labs, and inevitably when we do our labs on introductory circuits or mapping electrostatic potentials, there are one or more multimeters whose batteries die or fuses blow. ...
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Is it possible to draw a border on row on 20x4 LCD?

I have 20x4 LCD, and I am using the LiquidCrystal_I2C library to communicate with the screen via Arduino. I want to build a menu with that screen, and I want to ...
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Is there a material that I could use to generate cap touch presses? [duplicate]

I want to automate some testing that uses captouch as the interface for the human user. I would love to use an Arduino or similar's GPIO to create the equivalent press and release events from a finger....
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User accessible PCB

For my product I'm designing an enclosure and I thought that I could use a PCB to make the cover. I can place copper traces as touch buttons, and remove solder mask and copper to make semi-transparent ...
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How to sense touch on a diffusing sheet?

I want to build a combined diffused light and touch-button around 3x3cm. LEDs could be diffused with e.g. a polycarbonate sheet or diffusing fabric, and touch could be sensed e.g. through capacitive ...
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What is the best way to design GUI on ARM cortex-M microcontrollers? [closed]

STM currently supplemented emWin for free, but it got a Win98-ish style which is not very user friendly. Is it possible to use qt to design UI? What are the recommended approaches?
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Building an app using HTML CSS JavaScript on a touch compact device? [closed]

I'm a web developer who uses HTML/CSS/JS to write applications with awesome user interfaces using frameworks like reactjs and nodejs for browsers. I can build the same apps using the same code to ...
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2 answers

Embedded system 16x2 lcd user interface

I'm developing a UI for embedded system application. I have to handle few critical tasks always which are being called in main infinite while() loop. Program flow enters into sub-menu if key is ...
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How can I make a small housing for LEDs?

I am trying to recreate for a flight simulator game I play (DCS World). I have the software working now, but I am unsure how to build the actual panel itself. I want all the lights to be flush in ...
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How to create an embeded system for LCD GUI design? How to choose an MCU? [closed]

Okay so here is my exact problem.... I want to design an embedded system with a micro controller at it's heart that I can use to control various peripherals all powered by a batter that can be plugged ...
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How should I use rotary switches and resistor networks to uniquely relate each possible combination of switch settings to an analog voltage?

I'm designing a switched-mode power supply. I need to give my users the ability to set a voltage setpoint, with a range of approximately 200-800V, and at least 4V of resolution. This needs to be a ...
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Is there a standard DC power jack that prevents devices from being damaged by the wrong voltage? [closed]

USB is by far the most widely used serial bus by consumers. Plugging any device in any USB port is safe from hardware point of view. On the other hand, the common DC power jack . For example this guy ...
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Crystal radio as user interface problem

If I built a coil like the one in this crystal set. How could I use a micro to detect which point the alligator clip is on? Basically I want to use the crystal set as a user interface for an audio ...
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DSP recommendation for beginners [closed]

I am considering a project involving a fair share of digital signal processing. As far as I know, the best type of IC suited for this are the Digital Signal Processors. I have never worked with them ...
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