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How can I locate via holes for PCB design?

I'm working on a PCB design (Artwork) and looking at the reference PCB layout for the EP4RKU+ (1-to-4 splitter), I see via holes overlapping with the GND pads. However, the PCB design (Artwork) guy ...
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Which method can be used to properly fill a via-in-pad by hand?

Assume that you have a via hole inside a pad. Which method can be used to properly fill a via-in-pad by hand so it will be equal or similar as the protection of vias according to IPC 4761? Which ...
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Can the BGA package be centered much better if there are vias in pad for the BGA?

Can the BGA package be centered much better if there are vias in pad for the BGA? If I have vias like this, should I fill them with solder first?
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Is it possible to trace a via on a multilayer PCB board without the schematic diagram?

I have a copper trace on a PCB board, but it terminates in an annular ring. My question is, can I trace the path of the trace? I need to determine if it is connected to ground. Thank you in advance. ...
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How to calculate distances between stitching vias for RF lines?

I have a query concerning the stitching of vias for RF lines and board fencing. According to the application note, it is recommended that the distance between vias should fall within the range of one-...
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Stitching vias from ground to power a thing? Question on Keysight ADS demo of TI PandaBoard

I'm doing a Keysight ADS demonstration and it seems to show stitching vias between ground and power planes. The PCB is an 8-layer PCB (the Texas Instrument PandaBoard) with two planes, a ground and ...
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Does vias along the edge of the board help for 2 layer boards? (EMC)

I know that ground vias along the edge of the PCB can help for the PCB to radiate less (from a EMC perspective). But does it help only for with 4 or more layers PCBs? Or does this also help alot for 2 ...
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PCB via size specification

I am designing a PCB in Kicad and I can define any diameter and hole of a via, but when I send it to be manufactured in china (JLCPCB, PCBWAY, etc) they can put any size of via or will it adjust to ...
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Routing via style violation Altium

I have a part i imported from manufactuerers part list and has the following layout: This is the layout pattern in it's datasheet: I had set DRC rules to have a min via hole size of 0.3mm and this ...
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Manually Drill Vias into PCB

As shown in the photo below, the PCB design was sent for fabrication without the drill data. Is it still possible to drill the via holes so we can save the PCBs? This is a 2 layer board, most of the ...
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