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How can I program flash using Vitis?

I'm little new to Vitis and vivado. I have used ISE tools mostly for spartan 6 and it is steep learning curve for new tools. I used iMPACT before with ISE to program flash using JTAG. Now with Vivado ...
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How do I diagnose problems with serial port communication between a PC and a Blackboard?

I am trying to write an application that runs on a Blackboard and it is supposed to send/receive characters to/from the PC COM port. The application on the PC is Xilinx 'Visits Serial Terminal'. In ...
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How do Vivado and Vitis determine where stack and heap are located?

Been taking advantage of lockdown to learn how to work with softcores and C on Vivado/Vitis, using a Digilent CMOD A7 board I have. I managed to get the out of box demo built and running, but I hit a ...
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