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Washing potentiometers with de-ionized water, or with distilled water?

I am aware water conducts electricity because of its impurities. However I am not sure if distilled water is pure enough to be safe to use to wash the potentiometers(and electronic boards in general), ...
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Washing of an IC

Can someone tell me what is the information regarding the process of washing the device during production? This question is with respect to the Microchip LAN8741A
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is it OK to replace higher ampere TRIAC for a washing machine?

I have a 6 year old top load washing machine which requires a TRIAC replacement for wash motor. The actual TRIAC that came with factory PCB board is NXP BT138X-800 and the one I am looking to replace ...
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How to test an ACS line switch

I have SMD AC line switch (ACS1207S) on my washing machine electrical board. I need to check if it is faulty, what's the appropriate test?
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confused about power rating for washing machine in datasheet

I am interested in purchasing a Primus washing machine but I get confused about the power rating that is recorded in the data sheet (link below). On page 2 of the data sheet, the manufacturer states ...
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Vacuum-drying of cleaned PCBs?

De-ionized water is generally regarded as an effective cleaning agent for PCBs, as shown here and here. However, removing that water means compressed air, oven, and/or lengthy drying-time. Even if all ...
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Cleaning a computer [closed]

I have a (self-built) desktop computer, that was kept and used for a few days in a house that was infested with mold. I've been sensitized to mold, and the computer is contaminated enough to cause ...
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Can I clean up my board by boil water?

I'm trying to get rid of the flux on my board but it seems I have a problem. this is my board: After soldering two memory under the board(as you can see two memory(a RAM and a Flash)), there is a bit ...
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Washing PCB for picoamp circuitry

I am possibly getting a problem with variation in performance between batches of boards that contain one area which is very current sensitive (to sub nanoamp). Could it be due to manufacturing residue ...
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