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Questions tagged [wear-leveling]

Algorithms or techniques that are designed to provide an equal number of writes to Flash memory across the whole device. Principally used in Flash Based Hard drives and is driven by the concern that flash devices write mechanisms are slightly damaging to the device and are limited in number. These algorithms ensure that no one cells gets written to too many times - averaging or levelling the damage.

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Is SSD wear-leveling affected by how much logical space you have left? [closed]

I've always been told that you should leave at least 20% of the SSD free because if you leave too little space in there, it's gonna wear off as it doesn't have a lot of space to work with. I do know ...
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SSD Wear Leveling . . . how/where are the LDA remaps kept?

On one level I get both static and dynamic wear leveling. Put some smarts in there to move the blocks around. However, what none of the descriptions I've seen explain is how that remapping ...
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Sdcard stated bandwidth at max working hours

Sandisk and many sdcard companies state the amount of hours they can work without hitting wear issues. Usually they state this while recording Full HD video but they don't state how much mbps that is. ...
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Wear leveling and supply of voltage

Does anyone know if a NAND flash device (e.g. microSD) has to be continuously supplied with energy for its wear leveling algorithms work as designed? Or, if it doesn't matter if the device is (safely) ...
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FAT filesytem and flash endurance

I am considering replacing a SD card in a tiny embedded system (Cortex M4 running a RTOS) by some kind of dedicated flash storage chip. However, I am worried about the chip's endurance. The embedded ...
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Why must a block in NAND SSDs be erased before it can be reprogammed? [closed]

Before programming a NAND based SSD in page-level we have to always erase by block-level which increases write amplification. why is it so and how do we mitigate it? what is the necessity of erasing ...
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eeprom endurance and life expectation

Imagine the following situation: 'considering that we have the environment of room temperature ..' EEPROM size: 512 byte. EEPROM endurance: 100,000 write cycles logging data: 4 bytes every 3 minutes. ...
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If flash drives have an address mapping lookup table for wear leveling, how does the memory for the lookup table not wear out?

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong SE. Not sure where else this should go. To my understanding, flash drives accomplish wear leveling by having a microcontroller remap sections of memory on ...
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How does flash filesystem wear leveling work?

I am trying to write a little filesystem on flash devices. There are some problems on understanding how the wear-leveling mechanism works. Here is an example of how wear-leveling do: There is a file, ...
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How to implement wear leveling for Elm Chan's FAT FS

I have a working AT45DB and SST26VF driver I made and successfully implemented it for elm chan's FAT-FS. But as you know a NOR or NAND flash will wear out after 100,000 write cycles, so I have to ...
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What operations on flash(NOR/NAND) effect Flash Program/Erase(P/E) cycles

I want to implement a counter which can save values through power cycles, so I should use flash memory(I have option to choose NOR or NAND) but as my counter values will be increased frequently. I ...
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When should I write to EEPROM?

I built a simple project using an arduino to control a I2C digital potentiometer being controlled by a remote control via a IR Detector. The purpose is to be able to control the input signal of a ...'s user avatar
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Overview of typicals RAID/wear leveling algorithms used in SSD controllers

I am trying to understand SSD controller design. I am particularly interested in the physical distribution of data to several NAND chips/dies. Can somebody point me towards an "idiot's guide to SSD ...
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