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Internal bond wire connections within an IC package, between a silicon chip and its external package pins. Sometimes high-volume, cost-sensitive applications (such as a calculator) wire bond a silicon chip directly to a PCB and cover with a blob of epoxy.

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Off-center parting line?

Older Micron TSOP packages advertise a feature, “off-center parting line.” What does this refer to? Is this a feature of the lead frame? I have heard that OCPL has some vague mechanical reliability or ...
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What do the wire colors in the earphone jack mean?

What are the colors in the earphone jack? I've got four colors: bare copper, red, green, and blue. It's a Samsung earphone.
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Silicon die on Peltier device with COB wirebonding

I have a camera sensor (bare die) that must go on a very tiny PCB that also contains electronics for data serialization that dissipate enough power to make the PCB pretty hot (40-60 deg. C). I want to ...
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IEC grounding and bonding standard

Is there an equivalent standard in IEC such as UL 467 or IEEE 837 which talks about the various test procedure for bonding clamps? Is IEC 61914:2015 similar to UL 467?
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What prevents the lead attached to a semiconductor from forming Shottky junction

What prevents lead attached to a piece of semiconductor (for example in BJTs and FETs) from forming a Shottky junction?
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is it possible to wire bond to a perfboard pcb?

Can a wire bonder bond wires to contacts on a board like this one:
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Is it possible to desolder the bond wires by overheating a chip?

I was trying to solder some VQFN packaged chips for the first time using a hot air gun, because that's all I have. I set the temperature to rougly < 350°C and startet the process. Sometimes it ...
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Lightning protection system [closed]

When I have a lightning protection system installed on a building roof top , what is the best way to bond the electrical equipment on the roof? Is it ok to directly bond it to the down counductor of ...
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Contact a very small area (impedance matched)

In my current project, I want to apply a voltage to a capacitor (top electrode on a thin film heterostructure) very rapidly. Since capacitors have their own charging rate \$(\tau = R \cdot t = R \cdot ...
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How do I attach my MEMS device to a PCB? I do not have access to a die bonding machine

I want to connect the MEMS device electrically to a PCB through Au wire bonds. I have designed the PCB for the MEMS device to mount on. I would like to know if there is any way I can align and bond my ...
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Why is gold preferred over silver for bond wire?

Silver is a better conductor than gold and in Integrated Circuit package where exposure to air should not be a concern Gold is used. Any particular advantage of using Gold over Silver?
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Is thermal relief needed for wire-bond process?

I'm familiar with designing boards for SMT, but less familiar with the wire-bonding process. When designing PCB pads that will be attached to using a wire bonder, are the pads supposed to have ...
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Are there hand tools for applying electrically conductive adhesive and stringing wire for manual wire bonding?

It would be handy to be able to place small jumpers on PCB without soldering. Are there specialty hand tools for applying electrically conductive adhesive and stringing fine wire, sort of like a ...
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Safely removing bonding glue from an IC in order to identify it?

I have an IC, that has 5 visible bonds. The entire IC is covered with some sort of semi transparent bonding glue. I want to identify the IC and were thinking to remove the glue somehow. What chemical ...
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Copper bond wires on a Component

We must move from WM8731SEFL to WM8731CSEFL, as the original part is obsolete. I am advised the only difference is the "introduction of copper bond wires". Order Code WM8731LSEFL and WM8731LSELF/R ...
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Why does this EPROM have comb-like structures around the wire bonding pads?

I took some pictures of a Microchip EPROM die from the late 80s / early 90s (I can't recall the exact part number). The wire bonding pads are surrounded by a comb-like structure. What is the purpose ...
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How thick a gold finish on a pcb for wire bonding?

As a partial reparation for my previous question today. Please allow this rather esoteric/ but on topic question. I was sending out a pcb that will have gold wire bonding pads. It was a option at our ...
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