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Safety Capacitors; Is it OK to fit an X1 in place of an X2?

I have a PCB which has a 0.010uF X2 safety capacitor fitted. It seems the exact part is now obsolete. Would it be acceptable to replace this part with a 0.010uF X1 safety capacitor? I believe a ...
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What is the impact of using high X caps values on EMI filters in a DC DC converter?

I am working with traditional single stage EMI filter. I see CE EMI test passing with a high X cap values of 6.8 uF. This is used in DC DC converter with 8 kW power out at 400 V DC. I see no issue ...
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When to use X1 or X2 capacitor?

I've a simple circuit where I need to detect AC voltage presence via a microcontroller (ESP32). The ESP32 is a 3.3V device, and requires (worst case) 2.8V to consider a logical one on a GPIO. I'm ...
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What killed these X2 caps?

A few years ago, I designed an MCU-controlled dimmer driving a 150W mains halogen lamp. This is in Western Europe; 50Hz 230VAC. It uses X2-rated capacitors as capacitive droppers for the power supply, ...
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X capacitor selection for SMPS power supply

Few months back, I designed a switch mode power supply using Viper22A chip. Now, I am trying to improve that design. The new circuit is intended for universal input (85 VAC - 265 VAC). Output will be ...
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How to find an X capacitor

Working from a data sheet reference design a 47nF/X 250V capacitor is recommended. What makes a capacitor an X capacitor? From some googling i've found that X capacitors are meant to go across mains....
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