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Questions tagged [xc32]

MPLAB XC32, a C/C++ compiler for 32-bit MIPS-based PIC32 and ARM-based SAM devices.

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Microchip XC32 compiler license erroneously expiring and unable to download: `Error has occured. Please try again.404~Error:-160:` [closed]

I have two development computers, one is Windows 11, and one is Linux Ubuntu 22.04, each with their own Microchip XC32 compiler license activated for use in the MPLAB X IDE v6.10. Both licenses are ...
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PIC32MX270F256 Project Build Error: pic32m-gcc.exe: error: build/default/production/main.o: No such file or directory

I am trying to build a simple project for PIC32MX270F256. The code is just this: ...
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Low power sleep with WDT wakeup on PIC32MM

I'm trying to put a PIC32MM0256GPM028 into sleep mode and have it woken up by the Sleep Mode Watchdog Timer (say 1/4 second later- adjustable by SWDTPS anyway). Once it goes to sleep (current drops), ...
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MPLAB X XC32 - Peculiar build issue involving volatile variables

I am struggling with an issue that is already costing me 2 days of productive work. The code of main.c at the end of the question is a stripped-down version of the entire project, and contains the ...
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Can i output a certain memory area of a processor with objcopy?

For a bootloader (PIC32) i do need only a certain memory area from a binary file (application for a bootloader, config and bootloader are located elsewhere, no hex possible). If i call the ...
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XC32 optimizes vaiable used for register reading

I am facing a problem with XC32 compiler's optimization. Whenever I write a function to read something from register, XC32 optimizes (read: Removes) the variable which holds the return value. I have ...
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Cannot debug project using "MPLAB X IDE" on "PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit" with "PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger"

I have "PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit" (DV320032) board (with on-board PIC32MX470F512L) connected to a PC via "PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger" (PG164130). After some experimentation I found out ...
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How to distinguish between a read and a write in a Harmony USART BufferEventHandler?

I would like to use the Harmony USART driver on a PIC32MX695F512H using interrupts and with buffer support. After setting the appropriate settings in the MPLAB Harmony Configurator, the system has ...
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Force xc32-ld to place all application code in kseg0_boot_mem

I have written a PIC32MX bootloader application. I would like to tell the linker to put it completely in the boot memory, so that all program space is kept for the final application. Currently, the ...
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