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power the op amp and the arduino and make it all standalone. When I close the system to the ground of the battery with the regulator powering the arduino and the op amp I get a fixed reading from the … voltage divider (should be oscillating a bit) on the Arduino which is wrong (Using a LCD screen). I checked the voltages between the ground of the battery and the divider's output and it is fine. The …
asked Sep 29 '16 by Eliott W
I have a hall sensor throttle which outputs a signal that scales between 0.8 and 3.6V. The problem is that when I connect it to an Arduino MEGA2560 analog input pin, the voltage never goes over 2.3V … , either when measuring it with a multimeter or using the Serial port. It's like something in the Arduino limits the voltage to this value. What could this be due to and how can I solve it …
asked Oct 5 '16 by Eliott W
Basically, I want to measure the voltage across a shunt resistor (1.12mOhm) and feed that to an arduino analog input to obtain a measurement of a battery voltage. I would like to obtain a sensitivity … increase my lowest shunt voltage values (0.112mV) so that the Arduino can read it? Also, are there specific kinds of op amps that would be best suited to my application or anywould work given the right supply voltage? Thank you very much for your time and help! …
asked Sep 16 '16 by Eliott W
I want to use an Arduino to control the throttle signal going to a high power motor ESC. The problem I have is as the Arduino outputs a PWM, the ESC reacts by pulsing the power to the motor. So I … searched a bit and I understand that to convert the PWM output of the arduino to an analog signal I can use a RC filter. Also I was wondering whether DAC ICs actually convert PWMs to analog. Knowing that …
asked Oct 2 '16 by Eliott W
I have a RC filter with a 1k Ohm resistor and 47uF capacitor between the PWM output of an arduino and the input of a motor controller. The problem is that when I connect the output of the RC filter …
asked Oct 17 '16 by Eliott W