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A fundamental electronic component that stores energy in an electric field, commonly used in filtering applications.

3 votes
3 answers

What does EKR(ROE) mean in capacitor markings?

I have a L4960 regulator. In its datasheet on page 9 there is a typical application circuit. Under notes, it says C1, C6, C7: EKR(ROE). What does that mean?
  • 23k
3 votes
3 answers

Is it possible for electrolytic capacitor to develop a short in one way only?

I've got a 1 F electrolytic capacitor and it seems to have developed a short. I never used it before and its brand new. …
  • 23k
5 votes
1 answer

Need help deciphering markings on an electrolytic capacitor

I have a capacitor which is marked with "1200uF200wv". What does the "w" mean? …
  • 23k
13 votes
3 answers

How to discharge smoothing capacitors?

I have a simple 12V 10 A power supply with just a transformer and a rectifier. After doing some research and simulations, I've added 3 10 mF capacitors in parallel to smooth out the output. My probl …
  • 23k
8 votes
5 answers

How to work with supercapacitors?

I have one 1 F capacitor rated at 5.5 V and I plan to charge it using input voltage of 5 V. What precautions should I take when charging it? …
  • 23k
7 votes
3 answers

Hot capacitors: Is that a problem?

First I want to say that I have no experience with capacitors heating up, so this one may be obvious. I've recently replaced a set of aluminium electrolytic capacitors on an ADSL modem. The original …
  • 23k
9 votes
4 answers

Is soldering SMD capacitors directly to TO-220 regulator pins a good idea?

A while ago I read here that it's a good idea to have ceramic capacitors on the input and output pins of 78xx regulators and to put \$10 \mbox{ } \mu F\$ on the input and \$1 \mbox{ } \mu F\$ on the …
  • 23k
17 votes
2 answers

Why connect capacitors to motor body?

There is a capacitor connected in parallel with the motor. … There is one capacitor connected to the positive side of the motor and the motor's metallic body and there is one capacitor connected to the negative side of the motor and the motor's metallic body. …
  • 23k
6 votes
1 answer

SMD ceramic capacitors producing ticking sound?

I've soldered a couple of SMD capacitors to pads which were not intended to host them. As a result there's a bit of space between the PCB and the capacitors. I have a signal on the capacitors as shown …
  • 23k
3 votes
3 answers

How do I make this LED flasher more sensitive?

The AC source is the speaker port of my radio and the 10 mF capacitor is used to provide AC coupling. … I started with a 100 nF ceramic capacitor (the idea came after reading the audio coupling capacitors question), but it gave almost no response. …
  • 23k