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A UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) is a piece of logic that sends and receives data on a serial port.

Since you need to be connected to only one device at a time, you could use a multiplexer to switch between the two chips, like the NX3L2467: You only need a DPDT switch; this is a 4PDT one so you'r …
answered May 13 '16 by tcrosley
RealTerm, a freeware Windows terminal program, lists these UART rates in its Baud menu: 110, 150, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600 However these are … list of UART rates essentially started at 75 and continually doubled (skipping 600), until getting to 38400, where it was multiplied by 1.5 to get 57600. 56K bps is the limit for an analog telephone …
answered Jan 21 '11 by tcrosley
UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter and is a way computers can "talk" to each other over a serial line. It is asynchronous because there is no separate clock line like there … start bit and one stop bit. Besides talking directly with another computer chip, UARTs are sometimes used to communicate with other peripherals. For example, it is very common to use a UART to …
answered Feb 14 '15 by tcrosley
I assume you want to know whether you can interface the chip with 5V logic. There is no issue with interfacing it to 3.3V logic as it is. The chip runs off 5V, but has an internal voltage regulator …
answered Jul 19 '16 by tcrosley
The minimal pins required are TX, RX and GND. You mention adding a UART port, so I am going to center this discussion on the signals going into and out of a UART. TxD (Transmitted Data, output) is … transmitting characters from the UART to another device (e.g. a PC) RxD (Received Data, input) is receiving characters from another device (e.g. a PC) into the UART GND is the common ground reference …
answered May 26 '14 by tcrosley
Without some sort of defined protocol, there is no sure way to determinate the end of a string, except for it being terminated by a carriage return ('\r') and/or linefeed ('\n') character. You want …
answered May 13 '15 by tcrosley
four circuits; you only need two of them. You'll want to cross-connect the TX and RX leads; i.e. connect the RX lead of one UART to the TX lead of the other, and vice-versa. You can also build your own converter using MOSFET's; in fact SparkFun sells one like that also, the schematic is here. …
answered Apr 7 '16 by tcrosley
Because the minimum output level for a logic 1 using 3.3V level logic is 2.4v; and the minimum logic 1 level for 5v logic is 2.0v. As far as your UARTs are concerned, I would test out each one indiv …
answered Apr 15 '15 by tcrosley
over a UART running at 115200 baud. Since it sounds like you want to send data faster then that, you will have to either bump up the baud rate on the UART, or choose a different interface. I have … option is to switch interfaces. I know there is an AT command sequence to switch from the UART interface to the USB interface (and back). With USB you would have a much higher data rate available (either …
answered Aug 10 '14 by tcrosley
Instead of the 74HCT744, you could use a chip specially made for this, such as the TI TXB0104. SparkFun makes a convenient breakout board for this chip, priced at only $4, so you don't have to deal w …
answered May 6 '15 by tcrosley
individual device basis as explained below. Both I2C and SPI are used for most serial interfaces to ICs, with UART a distance third. The main alternative is a parallel interface, which you have ruled … would need to have some sort of table of what devices can be selected by each chip select line. UARTs Devices with UART interfaces tend to be modems, such as cellular, Bluetooth and the like, often …
answered Jul 23 '16 by tcrosley
(1005) (as an example) would be broken up into 100 calls to delay(10) and one call to delay(5). Assuming you are running the UART at a high baud rate like 115.2K (so sending one of the strings should … take only a millisecond or so) and your inputs don't change too often, the overall timing of the LEDs should not be affected too much. Meanwhile, the UART output should not be more than 10 …
answered Nov 26 '15 by tcrosley
inputting them in a loop, somethig like this: unsigned char nibble1, nibble2, byte; // assume inside a loop getting a characters from UART { nibble1 = gethexchar(); // ssume gets one …
answered Apr 3 '15 by tcrosley
With your code as shown, you should have transmitted one character and then hung. You are setting up interrupt service routines for the UART transmit and receive interrupts, but you never clear the …
answered Oct 17 '11 by tcrosley
An external 16550 UART, like this one, performs a conversion of the UART's serial data to and from parallel ports that can be read by a microprocessor/microcontroller. It is addressed as any … question.) For received characters to have any effect on the microprocessor, a driver must be running that is responding to the UART. In addition, there must be a higher level of firmware that is …
answered Jul 9 '16 by tcrosley

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