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All related to lithium iron phosphate (or LFP) batteries

The following depends somewhat on specific attery characteristics and needs to be verified either with manufacturer's specifications or by testing. It's likely that the LiFePO4 CAN safely be … floated at higher than you show but somewhat below normal Vchgmax - so that Ichg is zero. LiFePO4 has a charging terminal voltage of about 3.6V so 4 cells = 14.4V = above the 13.5V MPPT output that you …
answered May 15 '17 by Russell McMahon
proper answer. I was going to post ALL of this as part of the question, but decided that it better belonged in an answer. I realised late on that I'd got some LiFePO4 and LiIon voltages somewhat … intermixed in my wanderings. I'll come back and tidy this BUT I expect it to be clear enough to anyone who is liable to be interested. Summary: TI claim that you can charge LiFePO4 cells by CC …
answered May 30 '13 by Russell McMahon
I've discovered a number of related "data points". No one shows with certainty that this is a universally acceptable charge method with LiFePO4, but the indications are that it probably is, with … add to the following as I learn more. (1) A123 are among the leading producers of LiFePO4 batteries. Their recent major financial woes were due not to a misunderstanding of the technology but to …
answered Jun 3 '13 by Russell McMahon
/Collateral/TLV431A-D.PDF simulate this circuit Minumum discharge voltage for a LiFePO4 cell umder loads of under C are usually in the 3.0 - 3.1V range. Under heavy loads. 1C 10C - ... lower …
answered Sep 28 '16 by Russell McMahon
LiFePO4 vs LiIon vs LiPo Some peolpe have commented on LiIon batteries, but the question and this answer are about Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries / LiFePO4 which I'll abbreviate in places as LFP4 … . LFP4 (LiFePO4) 4 cell batteries do make excellent replacements for normal 12V lead acid car batteries BUT proper attention to car and feeding is necessary to achieve the very long cycle and calendar …
answered Nov 5 '14 by Russell McMahon
You should try charge testing with one cell so as to understand its characteristics. LiFePO4 behaves somewhat differently than conventional LiIon. Once you understand how one cell behaves when … what you want it to do and what you think it does. If a BMS is intended for LiFePO4 use and has not been specifically set to your conditions it may eg limit Vcell_max to 3.65 V and thus resist efforts …
answered Aug 3 '16 by Russell McMahon