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An effect in semiconductors, the name of a diode that uses that effect and more generally any diode that has similar characteristics to a zener diode. Zener diodes have the unique characteristic of a reliable reverse bias breakdown voltage. Often used as simple voltage regulators or level shifters. Zener breakdown is a distinct effect common usage is any diode that has a fixed reverse breakdown are called "zeners" even if the mechanism is different.

I believe not, here is why: I don't know how precise your 2.7V has to be, so you're going to have to make a decision here. :) The zener voltage is not precise. I had a look at Fairchild's datasheet … , It says that Vz = 2.565V Min / 2.8V Max @Iz, add to this the temperature drift you're gonna be off. Moreover, even if you have a precise 2.7V zener diode, you have to take the voltage drop across your D1 into consideration. …
answered Jan 19 '17 by HatimB