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Flashing an LED while Raspberry Pi boots, then illuminate constantly via GPIO

The NE555 has a reset pin. You can control it with GPIO.
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Low power toggle switch

You might try using a CMOS version of the 555, according to the datasheet for the LMC555 the supply current is maximum 400 uA @ 12 V. The TLC555 has a higher maximum voltage rating (18 V vs. 15 V) and ...
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555 Timer for Motor Direction Control

Take a look to bidirectional DC motor control recommended in bridge drivers (like L298) datasheet, you will see 2 diodes in each output to limit the negative voltage to ground and positive to supply. ...
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555 Monostable Mode Press and Hold Trigger

Try something like this: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab That probably should be close to what you want, I think, without using two 555s. Here's a simulated output: ...
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