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Are FPGAs for experimentation alone?

I also read an article that they are used for testing purposes alone. That is so ridiculous that I think you misunderstood the article. FPGAs are used for various applications, including data ...
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Are FPGAs for experimentation alone?

No, FPGAs are used in lots of different products from consumer electronic displays to video / image processing. They are also used in automotive & aerospace vehicles. Earlier in FPGA's life I ...
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Are FPGAs for experimentation alone?

The cost of going from a design concept to an ASIC is horrendous and easily goes into 100ks$ to 1000ks$ range. Here I am referring to the money we pay to a company to manufactuer our ASICs. Once ...
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HLS like programming on Actel devices

There is a tool for working on High level synthesis and write C like code that gets transformed to verilog/vhdl code. The tool is called SmartHLS by Microsemi. Smart HLS user guide It is eclipse based ...
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