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7-segment 4-digit display ghosting

You are turning two digits on at once by writing the 'or' first and then the &. The new one will have the segment drive for the old one on for a short period of time- enough to create perceptible ...
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What does "ADC conversion time" mean?

You probably understand "sampling time": This is the interval during which the input voltage is affecting the internal value which will be converted. "Conversion time" comes after ...
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What does "ADC conversion time" mean?

So, let's assume that I have a conversion time (not sampling time, let's not get confused!) of 0.3 us and I declare ADC_BUF_LEN = 1024 samples .. does that mean that the ADC will take 0.3 us*1024 = ...
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Understanding ADC digital isolation to avoid ground loops

You have to use a separate power supply for each side of the ADuM1250 because the ADuM1250 does not pass the power connections through. It isolates the two sides entirely - that's its job. If it ...
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The output of ADC (AD7091R-5) is slowly rising with constant input

One possibility is bad timing so that you get some of the temperature reading smeared into the other input. To test for that, change the firmware to measure only one channel. Another possibility is ...
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How to format data properly before using CDC_Transmit_FS?

Look closer at your scope shot, the control signals are in the wr0ng byte. Your are sampling channel 0x00 and not the one you tried to select with the 0x08 value. Fix is simple: Put it in the other ...
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STM32F407 ADC with timer trigger not working for some reason

//External Event TIM2 TRGO ADC1->CR2 |= 0x14<<24; According to ADC_CR2 description in RM0090, EXTSEL field has only 4 bits, thus 0x14 writes also to ...
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How can I read analog video signal from fpv camera by Raspberry Pi?

I'm not an RPi wiz, but I don't think an RPi is fast enough for real-time video signal processing. The NTSC composite video signal bandwidth is 4.2 MHz. The most common A/D sample frequency is 10.73 ...
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What does "ADC conversion time" mean?

You are probably concerned with 'latency'. A flash ADC will usually output a digital version of the input within a clock cycle. A successive sampling ADC may consist of several stages, where a coarse ...
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ATmega328P ADC 4-digit 7-seg display

Why do you multiply a 16-bit variable adc_value with 1024 and divide by 1023 as it makes no sense? Just remove it. The variable already is up to 1023 and multiplying it with 1024 will not fit into a ...
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ATtiny404 ADC setup - incomplete?

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that you have "inserted" a variable in the delay loop. Try this version instead: ...
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How can I achieve a higher precision than 14-bit in an analog to digital conversion (ADC)

Oversampling by 4 times can get you 1 more bit of resolution but, you need to process the 4 samples in your code a little bit. Oversampling by 16 times clearly gets you 2 bits extra of resolution. The ...
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Which op-amp should I use to measure voltage across a current sense resistor?

I came across a similar question. That's what I realized: The operational amplifier can be with a different type of power supply: unipolar (for example: +12V and ground) or bipolar (for example: +5V ...
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STM32F4 How to stop triple interleaved mode?

I ran into the same issue with a STM32F303. As mentioned by Casey what did help was: set 'DMA Continuous Requests' to ENABLED set 'DMA Request Settings' to 'Circular' Seems that with this settings ...
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