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Part name of this IC - Analog Devices, 8-pin, "S 6B" A 06" "C 42"

Marking "S6B" : ADG721BRM Marking "A06" : AD8629ARMZ Marking "C42" : AD7787BRMZ pictures from LCSC:
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Part name of this IC - "LLA#537"

Without knowing any more than what is in the post, like dimensions and surrounding circuitry; It's likely to be an Analog Devices ADP3334ACPZ, High Accuracy, Low IQ, anyCAP® Adjustable Low Dropout ...
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How do I create a circuit to reliably calculate a range of unknown resistances?

You can do this, I've been able to calculate resistances down to the tens of milliohms. This circuit is also useful for calibration and delivering a known amount of power. The problem you have is you ...
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Sample and Hold IC specification

Unfortunately you have a far more serious problem than a S&H circuit. If you need 2Msps (samples per second) then you need an ADC that can encode the signal at that rate. 15Ksps is far too slow by ...
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Is this extra cycle before the MSB a common thing with serial bit timing?

The I²S specification says about the Word Select signal: The WS line changes one clock period before the MSB is transmitted. This allows the slave transmitter to derive synchronous timing of the ...
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Wiring of INA128 instrumentation amplifier to Wheatstone bridge

If you want an INA128 to output between 0V and 5V, you'll have to supply it with something like -3V and 8V (off the top of my head), with gain >5. Look in the datasheet at the input vs. output ...
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ADC DNL INL Confusion

INL is in general integral of error, not only DNL. It is true that DNL increases INL, but it isn't the only cause of INL. Think of it this way, DNL is a discrete error, so error of converting analogue ...
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How do I create a circuit to reliably calculate a range of unknown resistances?

There is a lot of circuitry in your solution with plenty of areas where errors can be introduced. A Wheatstone bridge is probably more suitable (and simpler) for what you are trying to do. It relies ...
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Wiring of INA128 instrumentation amplifier to Wheatstone bridge

Your connections and choice to tie Vref to ground seem fine to me. You don't, however, describe what you are seeing at the output beyond a vague "no change". I suggest that if the output is ...
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How to pass a pointer to multiple functions

I don't see anywhere in the code where a pointer is required. Just use a global variable. Global variables (or pointers) can already be accessed inside of functions. You don't need to pass an ...
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