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Firstly, your schematic might be fine for generating a netlist, but is not really human friendly. I should be able to quickly look at a schematic and have a fair understanding of how it works - with yours i don't. There's a bit of circuit here, another bit there and so on. What I observe with your pcb is large current loops. Do a printout of the pcb and get ...


This is very much possible, but does not really match with Altium's philosophy of "supply chain management as design data". You could argue that for generics like most resistors and caps, dedicated MPNs and supply chain management is not an issue. As long as your BOM template includes the Value or Comment fields (whichever you end up using to ...


This is a Guide Line or Work Guide. You can add them via the menu: Place -> Work Guide. But, for some reasons there is no option in any menu to make changes to existing guide lines. To do that you need to open the Properties panel of the PCB (while nothing is selected), and scroll down to the "Guide Manager".


Just hold CTRL when dragging your rectangular selection (The Selection Filter needs 'Texts' to be enabled).

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