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First, a couple of CircuitLab tips. Double-click a component to edit its properties. 'R' = rotate, 'H' = horizontal flip. 'V' = vertical flip. Note that when you use the CircuitLab button on the editor toolbar an editable schematic is saved in your post. That makes it easy for us to copy and edit in our answers. You don't need a CircuitLab account, no ...


Your PC's audio output is really neither bipolar nor DC-biased – it's pretty certainly AC coupled, i.e. there's a capacitor in series with it! (In effect, a headphone port would be centered around ground potential, due to the headphone being connected to ground on its other end.) That means you can just AC couple it yourself (I recommend doing that to avoid ...


You're trying to use an N-channel MOSFET as a high-side switch. That isn't going to work without a special gate driver that includes a boost circuit. Besides which, you've got it the wrong way around — think about which way the body diode is pointing! You should probably be using a P-channel device at M2, but even then, you have to make its gate ...


No, the wiper pin is the part of the pot which "sees" a different resistance based on its position. There will always be the max resistance between power and ground pins on the potentiometer.

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