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Regarding the latter, how can the CPU enter sleep mode and keep the OS running? I am open to any suggestions. You use co-processors. Phones are doing this for years now. They have one or more big ARM Cortex-A cores for the *unix based operating system. And one or more smaller ARM Cortex-M like processors for the background stuff. Like counting your steps ...


Look toward Beaglebones. They run linux on the beefy ARMs, but also have Cortex-M cores that you have access to for lower level stuff like interrupts


I think you should single-step through this code to see what is in R0 just before the LDR SP, [R0]. Remember that the value in R0 is interpreted as an address, and the instruction fetches whatever is at that address and shoves it into the stack pointer. It appears to me that your code is taking the value 0x0002E004 and using it as an address. Whatever value ...

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