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Could a Mercedes sedan powered by 9,648 AA batteries reach 52 mph?

If we ignore almost all the details, assume everything is totally lossless, and just look at whether there's enough energy in the batteries to accelerate the car to the required speed, the answer is ...
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Are 24/12 V automotive ECUs 3.3 V under the hood?

It’s impossible to make a blanket statement about what voltages the MCU will actually use - you need to consult the MCU datasheet. That said, 5V and/or 3.3V are common for logic I/O voltages, it's ...
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Non-inverting driver for LED

You can directly drive a 2N7000 gate from a 5V MCU pin at a reasonable PWM frequency such as a few kHz. So GPIO pin high = 'on'. Worst case MOSFET Rds(on) with 4.5V drive is 5.3Ω @25°C. Probably 50% ...
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12v LED lights powered by 2 different circuits

Thanks for everyone's input. I decided to post my own answer since the solution was a combination of multiple different answers. Indeed, separating the two circuits with diodes was part of the ...
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Lithium-ion battery pack in series or parallel

approach 3: same as approach 1 but with 200 V modules running in parallel, giving you redundancy if one of the modules develops a fault of some kind.
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Lithium-ion battery pack in series or parallel

Lithium-ion battery pack in series or parallel Definitely in series. Connecting Li-ion modules or batteries in parallel brings an inordinate amount of headaches. Approach 1 vs. Approach 2 Certainly ...
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CAN Bus Dominant and Recessive?

It has to do with arbitration of the bus. Each node on the network must observe the bus at all times, even when transmitting. If a node is transmitting a recessive bit and it detects a dominant bit, ...
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