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Will lower voltage power source supplement/charge higher voltage power source?

Indeed, the current you develop with your solar panel will be "pushed" by a weaker potential than the 12V of your power supply. The resultant is a back flow to your solar panel, or rather no ...
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Automotive 12 V relay setup with push button switch and multiple devices

Add a limit switch so that the latch motor can only operate when the lid is fully closed.
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How much charging voltage can a lead-acid car battery handle?

If somehow you managed to get the battery to 17Vdc...EVER, that battery is no good anymore. The charge current would be so high, it would explode, or the battery is just so high resistance internally, ...
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What is the best way to retrofit a connection between a circuit board and its case (housing)?

From the video it looks like the wires break right at the weld to the case terminals where the wire is squished down giving a stress riser-- and maybe metallurgically changed (embrittled? due to the ...
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How a car inverter can diffuse 16 A 230 V if the input is a 12 V car battery?

That's the maximum current rating for the connector. It does not represent the maximum current the inverter can supply. If the datasheet states the inverter is capable of providing 500W, then the ...
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Temperature Sensor Auto

I assume, you want to use the LM3914 configured as shown in figure 1 of the datasheet. Then REF_OUT provides 5.0 V and this is the signal input range. This circuit uses the stable 5 V reference ...
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