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Without knowing the schematic im going to just guess these are standard 5050 leds put in a 3 led series setup. For purple you need Red and Blue 100% on. For white you need Red Green and Blue 100% on. Since your source voltage is much lower than the typical 3.2 to 3.6V forward voltage for a blue led diode time 3 ( 9.6 to 10.8) , thats an issue. You need to ...


Blue LEDs require a higher voltage than red and green. If the panels are designed to work on 12 V, there may not be enough voltage to light the blue LEDs when run on 9 V. The blue LEDs must work for the panels to produce white and violet light.


It is a bit hard to see from the picture, but since each LED has six pins, and knowing that it is meant for 12V supply, it is extremely likely that the LEDs might be arranged so that there are three parallel chains of three LEDs in series. The blue LED requires approximately 3V voltage drop per LED, and since there is 3 in series, the three blue LEDs require ...


You have an extremely cheap "BMS" but you are missing a charger circuit. With a 12V supply, the amplifier produces stereo 12W per channel into 4 ohm speakers or 8W per channel into 8 ohm speakers. The subwoofer output can drive one 2 ohm speaker to 28W or two 4 ohm speakers to 12W each.


I'll assume both input ports are connected in parallel (at least that's what makes sense to me), so that you can input power in any of those indifferently - If they have a warning saying you should not connect a power supply in both at the same time, then that's definitely the case. About the charging and powering up at the same time, you should be looking ...


It is gas discharge lamp, similar to regular luminescent lamp. That type of fixture does not work good then switching on-off happens very often. That brings them down very quickly. Ballast is not affected much, especially electronics, but tubes is.


Here's a comparison chart from Electronic Design: And here's another from Benzo Energy: These may not be all inclusive, but whether you can replace one with the other depends on which of the attributes are being utilized. For a phone, the non-cylindrical form factor and lack of liquid electrolyte are relatively irreplacable advantages. In addition to ...

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