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Looks like Electromagnetic Field created by switching the high currents [possibly current Spike occur] over long cable interference with Analog audio circuits [Amplifiers] in You headphones.


First off all, please forgive me for replying to such an old question -- I don't know if that's bad etiquette on EE SE. It should be noted that the BC127 is, at its core, a CSR8670 with a friendly API built atop it. You're paying for the RF section, and more crucially, the API that BlueCreation built on top of the CSR chip. CSR themselves are very tight ...


This shows up in cable modem + voip designs as a requirement to support legacy POTS lines. Look for ‘Subscriber Line IC’ or ‘SLIC’ to get more info. Here’s a UK company that offers solutions; Also see here:


To my knowledge, an ATTiny85 requires an Arduino board (or other micro controller) to program it and then it can run standalone, this is where you would start. As for the ability of the chip, it has 5 I/O pins (2,3,5,6,7) and you have 4 actions: Toggle bluetooth Change LED color Play various sounds Toggle USB port You could wire each action to its own ...


A little understanding may help. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab Figure 1. Left: the intended operation. Right: modification for your use. Since the module doesn't have a ground connection for the speakers that means that it is working in bridge mode. There are two amplifier outputs per channel and each channel's outputs ...


Yes, This logo JL is short for JieLi, a china IC company, advantage on Bluetooth, there is no much IC documents on the JieLi website, u can access , this company is the 1st level agent of JL IC.

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