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A boost converter will only maintain a constant output voltage with constant duty cycle if it is in "continuous conduction mode" (CCM). This means (among other things) that current must be allowed to flow both ways through the coil when the output is lightly loaded. This usually means that synchronous rectification is used (MOSFETs instead of ...


$$V_{\text{out}}=V_{\text{in}}\cdot D$$ Where \$D\$ is the duty cycle of the upper transistor (M1), the lower transistor switches synchronously - duty cycle is \$(1-D)\$. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab $$V_{\text{out}}=\dfrac{V_{\text{in}}}{1-D_{M_2}}=\dfrac{V_{\text{in}}}{D_{M_1}}$$ Where \$(1-D)\$ is the duty cycle of ...


When eliminating the load current, the PFM must also decrease at some duty cycle to just overcome the losses. Or you decrease both d.c and PFM rate. DCM has unstable characteristics over a full to null load.

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