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Use this tags for questions regarding European CE marking of electronics. This includes things like EMC, radio or environmental testing according to the applicable EU directives. Do not use this tag for questions regarding BJT common emitter - there's the common-emitter tag for that!

CE marking is required on all electronic products put on market within the European Union. It stands for Conformité Européenne and is also referred to in English as European Conformity. A document known as EC Declaration of Conformity needs to be established in order to attach the CE mark to products.

For most electronic products, it is not mandatory to carry out CE marking through testing by a notified body (neutral test house approved by EU), but alternative methods of self-certification are available in many cases.

The EC Declaray of Conformity needs to list all applicable EU directives that a product conforms to. The most commonly relevant EU directives for electronics are:

  • The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).
  • The Radio Equipment Directive (RED).
  • The EMC Directive (EMC)
  • The Low-Voltage Directive (LVD)

RoHS applies to all electronic products. The RED directive applies to all electronics containing some form of wireless communication. In case RED applies, then the requirements of LVD apply too, regardless of supply voltage used. For products not containing wireless communication, the EMC directive is used. In case such products are using supply voltage with more than 50VAC or 75VDC, the LVD directive applies.