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Determine proper charger specs for a lithium-ion battery

Generally, everything charges safely at 1C. For your 2,800mAh battery, which is 2.8Ah, that means 1C is 2.8A, so make sure that your charger is 2.8A or less. Most generic USB chargers use a 1A or ...
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Floating output voltage in USB chargers?

If I touch the output connector while standing on the ground (i am at earth potential), will I get a shock? I think yes, because the output voltage is floating and has an arbitrary voltage relative to ...
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Can I use two of these modules to charge two lithium-ion cells that are in series?

No. If you try, KABOOM! That's because they are not isolated. Upon connection, they make a short circuit across one Li-ion cell. Is there any way to make two of these modules do the job? Yes, but it'...
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Battery charging algorithm

My question now is this, at what point will i know to enter float charging, After a certain time at 14.4 V. The battery data sheet ought to give you a limit of maximum time at this voltage before ...
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How to determine pinout on proprietary 3-pin charging port?

Ended up opening it. Counting pins up from middle to outside (1,2,3): 1 = G 2 = +12v 3 = NC Works just fine with straight 12v. Nothing fancy.
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Is it safe to connect 3 batteries 2 in parallel and then one in series with them?

There is nearly no interest in doing so, and a lot of risks: Best case: you have a good BMS and a good charger. Once you have drawn 4 Ah, the battery that is alone is empty, and the BMS shut down your ...
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Is it safe to connect 3 batteries 2 in parallel and then one in series with them?

No, you will seriously unbalance them when you charge and discharge your pack. Find another solution, using either all three in series with BMS or all three in parallel.
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